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Camila Camps

Something about me

My name is Camila, and my surname is Camps, so I have some Catalonian ancestry. I know some people think “Camps” is an artistic name or my surname is Campos, but don’t!

I am 27 years old and I was born on February 18th (yes, I’m Aquarius), 1993, in a city called San José, in Uruguay.

I’m a tender person, with a strong character, nice, funny and stubborn.

An opportunity came to me 3 years and a half ago and I became a tattoo artist. Everything started in Mexico DF. I was there as a backpacker and I lived there for a year, then I came back to Chile.

My mom is from Chile and my dad is from Uruguay, so my heart is divided in two countries.

I love to travel, so in the last few years I went to one place and another.

I like to swim, and I practice bodyboarding. I love the sea, but with a lot of respect, you know.

The sea sent me an amazing boyfriend, and I have a beautiful black cat called Maite.

I’m the owner of Cosmos Ink Tattoos. This tattoo studio is open for one year and a half with my life partner.

My team is really talented, and I feel I’m lucky everyday for that and for all the people who follow my work and trust me.

You can find me here


This is what I do

Whip Shading

I'm working at

Comos Ink Tattoo

My projects

Some of my tattoo work!

Tattoo 1


Tattoo 2


Tattoo 3


Tattoo 4


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