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Paulette Darko

Something about me

Hi! My name is Paulette and Iā€™m a tattoo artist and illustrator.

I live in Osorno, in the South of Chile, and I do tattoos since 2015, in fact, Iā€™m one of the first women working as tattoo artist full-time in Osorno.

When I was small my dream was working and living for drawing, and now I do my best to express their ideas and wishes on their skin.

The very beginnings were hard, because tattooing in Chile is very male chauvinist, and only a few men tattoo artists were open to teach a woman. For this, I started learning by myself.

Now, with my knowledge I can help new apprentices with positive feedback and answering all their questions about the tattoo world.

The space I want to show to the community is a self-managed safe place, a place where you can stay without fear of being molested.

Iā€™m totally against the repression we are living in my country by the Government, and, for this, I do not tattoo cops or fascists.

You can find me here

paulette darko tattoo artist skull snake

This is what I do

Black and Grey
Neo Traditional

I'm working at

Black Deer

My projects

Some of my projects:

Project 1


Project 2


Project 3

paulette darko tattoo artist manga anime

Project 4

paulette darko tattoo artist skull snake

Project 5


Project 6


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