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Iris Mairal

Something about me

I started my professional career in the audiovisual world and, in the meantime, I was learning about different artistic fields.

I developed my professional career between Barcelona and Madrid, with some time at Ibiza, Lisbon, London and more, working for several productions about fashion and advertising.

The more creative the project was, the more I liked it and, with this, my interest about drawing was increasing and increasing.

One day we collaborated with one tattoo studio, and then, when I went home, I knew this had to be my way.

Since then, I have been collaborating with other tattoo studios as a designer. Then, a tattoo artist taught me how to use the machines and I need to know about the tattoo world.

This happened more than 6 years ago, and I cannot be happier than what I am, dedicating my time to the tattoo world.

When I was a small girl they taught me freedom is doing what you love, so you feel you are not working a single day of your life.

You can find me here


This is what I do


I'm working at

The Gallery Tattoo Barcelona

My projects

Here you can find some of my tattoo work!

Project 1


Project 2


Project 3


Project 4


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