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Interview with Lucy O’Connell, one of the greatest from Leeds


Today we have another interesting interview, this time, with Lucy O’Connell, from Leeds. For us, she is one of the greatest tattoo artists in the UK. In fact, we do love her artwork, with tons of personality and definition and her opinion is really important for us. On this interview you have the opportunity to […]

How is tattoing in South Africa? Talking with Embla Holm


Today we talk with Embla Holm. She is a woman tattoo artist from South Africa. She is passionate, direct, and we don’t know if we love more her tattoo artwork or her personality. And that’s a thing, we are sure of that! We have talked with Embla about the tattoo situation in South Africa, and we […]

Interview with Laura Caselles, watercolor tattoo artist from Spain


Laura Caselles is a tattoo artist near Madrid. She is a specialist in everything related to watercolor and, besides making some totally incredible designs, as you will be able to see in the images that are hung through this interview, she also has a story to tell you. I assure you that she is not […]

Interview with Jamie Kan, tattoo artist from Canada


On today’s interview, we want to introduce you Jamie Kan. She was born in Hong Kong, but she is raised in Vancouver, and she have a very interesting story to tell. We declare ourselves fans of her work and we do love her art, because she creates wonderful tattoos made with flowers, balanced and harmonic. […]

Interview with Matías Lemu


Matías Lemu born down the rising sun of the West side of Uruguay river, 33 years ago. Today he lives in Bariloche (Argentina), and he has his own tattoo studio. For the last 11 years he is working as a tattoo artist. We enjoyed a lot this interview because he have a nice story and […]

Interview with Maddalena, tattoo artist from Napoli, Italy


Hello . I’m Maddalena, i was born and raised in Napoli, in south Italy. I’m currently working at Little Star tattoo, a super nice and cosy shop where I find my “tattooing home” since 3 years ago by now. Nice story: the boss of the shop where I work today was the first to tattoo […]

Interview with Milad, tattoo artist from Iran


Today we are going to interview Milad at Ink Happened. He is from Irán and he have a master degree in painting. And there is no photo of himself, but it’s for a reason. Milad is from Iran. And there, tattoo artists are considered criminals. Trully. Being a tattoo artist in Iran is something really […]

Interview with Ghis Melou


Today we have Ghis Melou, a 38 years old tattoo artist from Montepellier, in the South of France. He is the owner of Half Wolf Tattoo, opened back in 2016, and he is an amazing person. Trully. He travelled all around the world tattooing in the UK or in New Zealand, and he has a beautiful history for […]

Interview with Junior Banda


Today’s interview is for our beloved Junior Banda. He is from Lima, Perú, and he is 32. He works at Gypsy Garden Tattoo, in Barcelona. He has been working as a tattoo artist for the last 7 years, but probably about 15 in the market. If we talk about his art, he specializes in Chicano […]

Interview with Pande-Lee


In today’s interview we have Pande-Lee. He is living in Thessaloniki, in Greece, he is 35 years old and he dows a lot of Blackwork, Dotwork and geometry. Of course, Pande-Lee is just a nickname, he is called Pantelis. INSTAGRAM Please, tell us the moment you decided to become a tattoo artist. I have made […]

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