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Plague Doctor Tattoo Meaning Complete Guide!


As you may know, Plague Doctors are one of the most iconic figures for the Middle Ages and, moreover, it has a huge trend between 2020 and 2022, mostly because COVID pandemia. In this guide, we want show you: The meaning for the Plague Doctor tattoos. What was their real job in the Middle Ages. […]

Pineapple Tattoo, the complete guide with the hidden meaning!


Well, we have a tricky one this time. Pineapple tattoo is a trend from 2018 until today because it has a hidden meaning and you may know it before getting inked with this kind of designs. Because of this, on this article we want to show you: First, what is a pineapple tattoo, of course. […]

Top 9 Tattoo Shops in Chicago, and Top 25 Tattoo Artists


Well, Chicago has a lot of different things to do, in fact, it is the third most populous city in the US (you know, New York is the first one and LA the second). But the Windy City is much more than the Willis Tower and the Chicago Bulls (or maybe the Bears, or the […]

All you may know about Japanese Snake Tattoo on this guide!


As you may know, Japanese tattoos are one of the most influential and important tattoo styles in the world. And, inside the Japanese tattoo style, we can say snake tattoos are another important point. Because of this, we prepared this guide for you, and we want to tell you more about: Japanese Snake Tattoo meaning […]

These are the best tattoo shops and artists in Charlotte

jenn small tinnel tattoo shop charlotte nc pasta tattoo

As you know, Charlotte is a really big city in North Carolina, in fact, the Charlotte metropolitan area has more than 2 million people. And, like every nice and big city in the US, Charlotte has a fantastic tattoo culture with a lot of different artists and studios. In this guide, we want to show […]

Cerberus Tattoo: Come and see the Hound of Hades Tattoos!


Yes, all mythology tattoos are very popular, because they have a strong symbolism and they are just cute and, inside this mythology tattoo trend, Cerberus tattoos are a good ones. For that, on this article we are going to tell you: More about Cerberus’ character. All the Cerberus tattoo meanings. And, a lot of different […]

Top 12 Tattoo Shops and Artists in San Francisco you may follow!


San Francisco is one of the most iconic cities all around the US, and we can say San Francisco concept and monuments are well known all around the globe. But, what can we say about San Francisco Tattoo Shops and Tattoo artists? In this guide, we want to introduce you to 12 tattoo artists to […]

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