These are the best tattoo shops and artists in Charlotte

jenn small tinnel tattoo shop charlotte nc pasta tattoo

As you know, Charlotte is a really big city in North Carolina, in fact, the Charlotte metropolitan area has more than 2 million people. And, like every nice and big city in the US, Charlotte has a fantastic tattoo culture with a lot of different artists and studios. In this guide, we want to show […]

Cerberus Tattoo: Come and see the Hound of Hades Tattoos!


Yes, all mythology tattoos are very popular, because they have a strong symbolism and they are just cute and, inside this mythology tattoo trend, Cerberus tattoos are a good ones. For that, on this article we are going to tell you: More about Cerberus’ character. All the Cerberus tattoo meanings. And, a lot of different […]

Top 12 Tattoo Shops and Artists in San Francisco you may follow!


San Francisco is one of the most iconic cities all around the US, and we can say San Francisco concept and monuments are well known all around the globe. But, what can we say about San Francisco Tattoo Shops and Tattoo artists? In this guide, we want to introduce you to 12 tattoo artists to […]

Top 16 Tattoo Shops (and artists) in Portland


Yes, Portland is a fantastic big city with a lot of tattoo parlors and tattoo artists all around, but, what are the best in the city? Yes, this question is a little bit harder to answer and, because of this, we want to share with you 16 fantastic tattoo artists and their tattoo shops in […]

Looking for a Totoro Tattoo? You must see this guide…


If you have to choose just one single character in anime History, it should be Totoro, and we mean it. Totoro is so famous in Japan like Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh in the US for children of all ages since 1988, and this is a thing! For this, on this guide about Totoro […]

Hades Tattoo meaning, symbols and more on this complete guide


Today we want to follow up with more Greek mythology tattoos. In the past we wrote for you another guide about Ares Tattoo, but today is time for Hades Tattoo, the underworld God for Greeks. So, this is what you are going to find on this guide: First, some about Hades as the Greek underworld […]

Top 14 Tattoo Shops (and artists) in New Orleans to follow


New Orleans, the largest city in the state of Louisiana, is a fantastic place with a lot of things to do. As you know, this is where jazz was born, they have the Mardi Gras and is a very vibrant city, with a lot of music and festivals, and splendid culture. And it is a […]

Tattoo ideas for women? Really?


If you are reading this post is because you are looking for tattoo ideas for women, but we need to tell you something about this topic, and it’s important. There are no “tattoos for women” as there are no “tattoos for men”. There are just tattoos. You know, getting inked is the same for men […]

Ares Tattoo: All you need to know about the God of War


Yes, we really love mythology, and today’s post is just about that. But something very specific: Today we want to introduce you to Ares, the God of War for the Ancient Greeks, known as Mars for the Romans. In this article we are going to talk about: Some introduction about Ares/Mars figure. The meaning of […]