Some Ganesha tattoo ideas, our favourite Hiduism deity


Ganesha is one of the main deities of Hinduism and, moreover, one of our favorite ones! Ganesha tattoos are really distinctive by the design, because Ganesha is a human body with an elephant head. Moreover, this human body should be a big one, usually with a big belly. And yes, this kind of tattoos performs […]

Bad Religion tattoos: Our tribute to this legendary band!


We must admit something: We love Bad Religion as a band, as a concept. We think the are one of the main music groups in the last decades and, of course, in punk/rock music they are just too influent to say something about their music. Moreover, in 2020 Bad Religion are celebrating 40 years (yes, they […]

10 Kodama tattoos for you!


We know Kodama is well known outside Japan because the spectacular film from Studio Ghibli, Princess Mononoke, but Kodama are a lot more of this. In Japan mythology, Kodama are the spirits of the trees or the forest, and they used to be white or green, semitransparent, small, and adorable. But (yes, is always a […]

Lego tattoos you need to see before getting inked!


You may think that speaking about LEGO tattoos is only for freak people, but we want to tell you something: LEGO is an empire, and a good one. Each second, 1.300 pieces are made on the LEGO fabric (about 4.680.000 per hour, and we are not counting accessories, only bricks). Moreover, each 7 seconds a […]

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in the world


One of the questions repeated is: What is the legal age for being tattooed? The question is not easy to answer, so I have decided to write this post for you. I want to show you all the information I could collect for the legal tattoo age all over the world: In the US, rest […]