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Yes, you know, the typical FAQs page that none cares.

But here are a lot of hidden surprises.

About Ink Happened

Ink Happened is a project with one purpose:

We want to change the tattoo world.

We are tired about watching tattoo models, and we are hesitated of objectifying people.

So, we thought: why don’t we build an inclusive tattoo community and a safe place to be?

And here we are!

Just two people.

Nothing more, nothing to hide.

We are in a small city in Galicia, in the Northwest of Spain (Santiago de Compostela, also known as Saint James or Saint Jacques of Compostela, when The Way ends).

And now, some Galician traditional music:

Probably, because we want to run a global community from a small city in the Western part of Europe.

No, we just give tattoo artists and tattoo studios the tools so they can promote in our platforms.

Once an artist or a studio is published, we do a lot of promotion on our Social Media accounts, and mobile app.

There are 2 kind of pages:

  • Tattoo artists profiles pages.
  • Or blog posts.

Well, we think we worth a lot, but the service is free.


You can have your profile page as tattoo artist, tattoo studio or submit as many tattoos as you want for free.

But we are doing it by invitation only.

About Tattoo Artist Page

It’s really easy.

Now, we are only accepting new artists by invitation.

You have your Profile Page with the information you want to share, your Social Media accounts and your projects, so the people can find you, love you and maybe contact you to book an appointment with you.

Moreover, we are going to share your work with the world by our Social Media accounts and our mobile app.


When we publish your profile as a tattoo artist, we are going to email you.

If you want to change (or delete) anything, you only must send us an email or reach out by Social Media.

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