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Interview with Jamie Kan, tattoo artist from Canada

On today’s interview, we want to introduce you Jamie Kan.

She was born in Hong Kong, but she is raised in Vancouver, and she have a very interesting story to tell.

We declare ourselves fans of her work and we do love her art, because she creates wonderful tattoos made with flowers, balanced and harmonic.

We can say Jamie is a wonderful person, 100% involved, and we have been really comfy doing this interview.

Jamie started her career in fashion industry, and then, she move to tattoo one, but you can learn a lot about her with this interview, here we go!


More about Jamie Kan

You used to travel a lot all around the globe on your last job, please, tell us the best things you learn on this way.

Travelling is incredible. It forced me out of my bubble and become exposed to different cultures and perspectives. I think it took me out of my comfort zone quite a bit and I became more open minded as a result.

Sure, at least here, in Spain, we always say that the best way to be open minded is to travel a lot, on the other hand, we suppose the stress should be quite high with this kind of travels, isn’t it?

It can be overwhelming but everything in good balance, right?

Please, tell us a little bit more about your hobbies, we want to know you more

My favorite hobby was drawing but now that it’s become my job, I guess I can’t call it a hobby anymore? Grateful everyday that I get to make my passion a business. 

In my off time now, I’m pretty boring. 

I like spending time with family and friends, plus give myself some TLC (Tender Loving Care), get a massage, nails done etc.


Here a couple of Jamie Kan tattoos.

If you cannot distinguish hobbies from work, we can say you have won the Mayor League! 😊

And, if you don’t mind, we want to ask you about how do you see the world, is there any concern or cause we may know that is important for you?

What a deep question! There isn’t really one way that I see the world since it’s always evolving and I hope that my mind evolves with the experiences it gives me. 

I truly believe in karma. We’re all connected to one another in this huge energy exchange. The universe gives back what we put out. 

Yes, we are used to ask a lot, but the answer is really good, and we share your point of view.

More about Jamie Kan work

We have read you where an apparel designer, how you make the decision of becoming a tattoo artist?

I wanted to be my own boss and I just didn’t feel like fashion fulfilled me anymore. 

Still wanting to create art and draw for a living, I decided to have a go at tattooing. Plus, I love tattoos and got a bunch before ever thought of becoming a tattoo artist.

Please, tell us a little bit of the very beginnings of you as a tattoo artist and how you grew up on this segment.

I always loved tattoos and thought about becoming an artist when I was in high school.

My dad was very strict back then and told me that’s not a real profession and one he wouldn’t be proud of so I never went down that road. I got a lot of tattoos without telling him though! 

After working in a fashion industry for a while I think the reality of it sank in. 

It’s really wasn’t as glamorous or fulfilling as what I’d hoped for. I reached out to a friend who was tattooing at the time and I invested in some tattoo equipment. 

I learned the basics and tattooed all my friends who’d let me until I finally quit my job and the rest is history!


Did being an apparel designer ease becoming a tattoo artist?

I think it definitely did in terms of being software savvy

Knowing how to use Illustrator and Photoshop made drawing and editing tattoo designs a lot easier.

How can you define your tattoo style?

Soft and airy, fine line feminine with a little bit of edge.

We do love your tattoos because we think they are balanced, elegant, harmonic, and unique, but please, tell us what feelings your tattoos make you feel.

Thank you for the kind words! 

When I see my work I feel proud and extremely grateful, especially because it’s on another human

I feel honored that they want my art on their body forever.

We are just going to write this: 😊

Please, tell our audience how is tattooing in Vancouver, is it a friendly city for this art?

Honestly, Vancouver loves tattoos

There’s tons of people in this city who appreciates art and aren’t afraid to use it to express themselves.


Fantastic, you cannot say the same in a lot of countries. Is it usual to see tattooed woman or man on high responsibility jobs or positions?

There’s still stigma around tattoos for sure but I think Vancouver is pretty progressive

I have some clients who consider strongly about where their tattoo is placed so that it’s easy to hide for work but this is becoming less common. 

A lot of industries are now more relaxed about employees having tattoos because they understand that it doesn’t have anything to do with the individuals’ ability to do their job.

Do you think is harder being a woman tattoo artist than a man in Canada or this kind of things are overcome?

I didn’t find it more difficult being a woman, I actually think it’s a plus since my artwork is more feminine and most of my clients are women.

We are really glad to hear this.

Which things inspire you for doing your best as a tattoo artist?

One thing that keeps me on my best game are my clients

I love collaborating and the fact that they’re giving me so much trust motivates me to do the job well. Plus they chose me out of all the talented artists in Vancouver they could’ve gone to, so I better exceed their expectations!

Please, tell us a little bit more about Vancouver tattoo artist, we want to know more!

Vancouver is full of diverse tattoo artists specializing in every style you can name! 

There’s a lot of shops but also quite a bit of artists who work in their own private studios or at beauty salons. The clientele for us here is endless because Vancouver is a melting pot of so many different cultures. 

Meeting new people and hearing their stories is always inspiring and expands my mind further.

Is there something you want to say to a teenager who wants to become a tattoo artist?

Go for it! Educate yourself, get tattooed, work your art, make friends with artists and build your portfolio. Make it happen!

Thanks a lot, Jamie!

As you can see, we do need more tattoo artists like Jamie Kan, we with her a lot of luck so she can keep working and sharing her work for a lot of years!

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