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Here you can find the best tattoo shops in LA, and artists, of course!

Well, Los Angeles, in California, is a reference in a lot of ways, starting in tech companies and, of course, in the tattoo world.

And, because of this, we want to show you what are, for us, the best tattoo shops in LA right now.

On this article you are going to find:

Let’s move on!


Outer Limits Tattoo, with Tassi, Cierra and Charnele

The first tattoo shop we want to introduce you to in this guide is Outer Limits Tattoo, one of the most classic tattoo shops in Long Beach.

And we can say this because Outer Limits is the oldest tattoo shop in the US (continuously operating), and this is something to skyrocket the quality score, isn’t it?

We want to show you a couple of examples, and then, we will introduce Tassi, Cierra and Charlene.

la tattoo outer limits tattoo frankestein and bride
tassi la tattoo outer limit

Tassi, working at Outer Limits Tattoo

Inside Outer Limits Tattoo studio we want to feature Tassi, a wonderful tattoo artist with tons of works inside American Traditional and Illustration tattoo style.

We are big fans, so we can say to you we do love her art.

Here you can find only a couple of examples, but you should follow her for more!


Cierra, working at Outer Limits Tattoo

And, speaking about illustration tattoos, this time with a huge personal brand and a fantastic color palette, we want to introduce you to Cierra.

If you want to get inked with something unique, remarkable and in illustration or realism style, maybe Cierra is the one.

Some examples here to make you follow her. Now.

cierra supermario la tattoo shops outer limits

Charlene, last one from Outer Limits Tattoo

Third one working at Outer Limits Tattoo you can find Charlene.

Charlene is a magnificent woman tattoo artist focused especially in plants, animals and illustration tattoo style.

We can say she can get a very harmonic tattoo no matter the design, with a lot of small details and very clean finish.

If you want to know more about Charlene, just follow her Instagram account.


Opal Tattoo, with Zara Solava

This is time for another nice studio, like Opal Tattoo, owned by Zara Solava, AKA Opal, of course.

Opal is a wonderful tattoo artist with a lot of experience (8 years tattooing and counting).

She specializes in fineline tattoo and intricate designs, and we do love her black (or black and grey) tattoos.

And there are more artists to know there, so it is very easy for you to get the perfect tattoo match!

Here you can find a couple of examples:

la tattoo shops opal tropical flowers
la tattoo shops opal snake tattoo

Paper Crane Studio, with Laura Wangerin

One more on this list:

We want to introduce you to another tattoo shop like Paper Crane studio, another big and nice tattoo studio from LA, with about 10 tattoo artists there, so there is a lot to choose from!

And, inside the Paper Crane Studio crew we want to focus on Laura Wangerin.

Laura is another fantastic woman tattoo artist focused on illustration and botanical tattoo, but she can do even geometric ones with mastery.

So, if you want a very clean realistic tattoo, maybe Laura is the one!

la tattoo laura wangerin paper crane snake leaves black and grey

PUPPY Los Angeles Arts District, with Lilly Anchor

Another well-known tattoo studio in Los Angeles is PUPPY Arts District, with nearly 10 amazing resident tattoo artists and, moreover, some guest spots.

And, inside that team, we want to introduce you to Lilly Anchor.

Lilly is another botanical and animal illustration tattoo artist (yes, in LA there are a lot of amazing artists on this segment), with very clean designs and a lot of artwork.

Just see this couple of designs to fall in love with Lilly’s art!


The Warren Tattoo, with Zoey Taylor

Well, Zoey Taylor has been tattooing for 22 years, so she is something like an institution, not only in LA, just in the tattoo world.

Now, she is focusing on teaching new artists, but we can say her realistic portraits are not tattoos, they are just art.

And, inside The Warren Tattoo you can meet other very nice tattoo artists, like Clarens Monroy, Paige Tibbs or Julia Low.

But, you know, we need to show you some of Zoety Taylor’s art.

la tattoo shops zoey taylor old man portrait
la tattoo shops the warren zoey taylor dog portrait

Unbreakable Tattoo, with Danielle Skye

Another nice tattoo parlor in LA is Unbreakable Tattoo.

At least 5 different tattoo artists from different styles, from Japanese Tattoo to realism or American Traditional, and we can say we do like all of them.

But, we want to feature Danielle Skye, because we do love her dark illustration tattoos, mostly in black and grey tattoo style.

We can say she has her own personal brand for designing, and this is a huge quality factor.

So, just go for it and follow Danielle right now!


Tattoo Shop Banana, with K

Tattoo Shop Banana is the tattoo parlor owned by K, a wonderful tattoo artist with huge works in the most classic realism you can say, because you cannot know if a design is a photo or a tattoo.

That ‘s the level.

We do love K art, in Black and Grey and in Color tattoo styles, we can say she was gifted to tattoo.

Here you can find a couple of nice examples about what are we saying to you:


Lincoln Tattoo Company, with Mirz

Talking again with big tattoo shops we want to introduce you to Lincoln Tattoo Company, a 10 tattoo artists parlor with tons, and all of them are really good at their styles.

We want to feature here Mirz, an amazing tattoo artist focused on realism and black and grey tattoo with some works more in the art than in the tattoo section, you know what we mean.

So, if you want something unique in realistic style, Mirz is your woman, you can bet.


Lincoln Tattoo Company

Super Sweet Tattoo has a very cute mood as a coffee shop and tattoo parlor and, moreover, the studio has tons of different tattoo artists so you can almost choose whatever style you want.


Sofia, from Super Sweet Tattoo

The first tattoo artist we want to feature inside Super Sweet Tattoo is Sofia.

She is focused in fineline tattoo and, moreover, in pet portraits, botanicals and micro realism.

All done with a lot of harmony and a perfect finish.

We do love Sofi’as art!

la tattoo sofia peach micro realism
la tattoo amy mushrooms tattoo

Amy, from Super Sweet Tattoo

And, inside Super Sweet Tattoo you can find Amy.

More in illustration than in realism, but with botanical and animal tattoos too, but with a lot of different designs.

We do like her unique clean finish and we can say she is going to do really big things in the tattoo industry.


Roxy Tattoos

And now, a solo artist like Roxy, just the opposite from Super Sweet Tattoos but with a lot of cuteness.

Roxy is a fantastic woman tattoo artist focused on anime and fineline tattoos and, you know, we are big fans of anime tattoo, but more if the work is delicate and well done like Roxy’s tattoos.

So, if you need to get a tattoo about something freaky and you want a delicate one, Roxy is your woman.

la tattoo roxy kiki witch

Play Ink, with Jojo

Play Ink is another cute tattoo studio, this time with 4 tattoo artists, but we want to introduce you to Jojo, because we are just in love with her art.

As you may see just below these lines, Jojo is a complete expert in geometric and mandala tattoos, specially with a single needle.

These kinds of tattoos are really difficult because just one mistake could be a complete disaster, but, as you can see, with Jojo everything is perfect!

la tattoo jojo mandala flower tattoo

The Azygous Art Haüs, with Donatella Azygous

Well, The Azygous Art Haüs is something like an artist collective from painting to designing and, of course, tattooing.

And, inside the tattoo artists in the collective we want to focus on Donatella Azygous.

She can perform perfectly in so many different styles, from realism to illustration, geometric or abstract, so you can say she is the total artist.

Just a few examples:

la tattoo azygous firefighter tarot like card

Ellemental Tattoo, with Hanna Monte

Inside Ellemental Tattoo you can meet the solo artist Hanna Monte, another amazing woman tattoo artist on this list.

If you like geometrical, organic and complicated designs, intricated to the max, Hanna is your woman.

And, moreover, she is really good doing that style, especially with bold thick lines.

We do love it!

la tattoo hailin chinese landscape tattoo

Hailin Tattoo, with Gloria Zhang

Hailin Tattoo is another wonderful tattoo shop in Los Angeles, with a lot of spectacular tattoo artists, starting with Hailin Fu, his owner.

But, you know, we want to introduce you to another one, Gloria Zhang.

We do like Gloria Zhang tattoos because she can perform perfectly in more illustration style, but in realism or Japanese too, everything with some Chinese painting touches, and we think this is just beautiful.

Just a few examples for you:


BrightBones (Maria Garza)

A classic reference in LA Tattoo industry is BrightBones, AKA Maria Gaza.

Her illustration tattoos in black ink are just art, not tattoos.

You can just stare at one of her tattoos for hours, because they are just so perfect!

Everything we can say is far away (down) of her level, just see a couple of examples:

la tattoo brightbones knife tattoo
la tattoo 10KF Hollywood yeono

10KF Hollywood, with Yeono

Last but not least, we want to introduce you to 10KF Hollywood, one of the best known big tattoo parlors in the city.

And, inside all the wonderful artists there, let us talk to you more about Yeono.

Yeono’s realism and pet portraits tattoos are so perfect it is hard to imagine.

That is the point.

We want to show you a couple of examples of Yeono’s art, because, you know, this is not tattooing, this is doing art in the skin!

la tattoo yeono husky portrait

Hope you enjoyed this LA Tattoo Shops guide!

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