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Top 14 Tattoo Shops (and artists) in New Orleans to follow

New Orleans, the largest city in the state of Louisiana, is a fantastic place with a lot of things to do.

As you know, this is where jazz was born, they have the Mardi Gras and is a very vibrant city, with a lot of music and festivals, and splendid culture.

And it is a wonderful place to have a tattoo too!

In this article, we want to introduce you to the best tattoo artists in New Orleans, let’s go!



First one on the list is Mecca.

Mecca is a fantastic and talented woman tattoo artist from New Orleans, owner of Hell or High Water Tattoo Shop.

We can say she is a master in illustration and color tattoo and, moreover, she has an unique style, very bold and eye-catching.

And, because of this, you must follow Mecca right now!

mecca duck watercolor tattoo new orleans shop

Stacey Colangelo

Stacey Colangelo is another fantastic tattoo artist in New Orleans to follow.

She is fantastic at doing Neo-Traditional and Illustration Tattoos with that aesthetic that the sailors made about one hundred years ago.

We do love this back to the fundamentals and she masters the thick lines with colors, as you can see in these two examples.

Stacey works at Tattoo Temple, so you can search for this tattoo shop in New Orleans to get inked!


Miranda Brouwer

Miranda is a very talented woman tattoo artist from New Orleans and we do love her designs.

She can do fantastic works in a lot of styles, but I can tell you her dotwork, botanical and illustration tattoos are just awesome, we mean it.

Now, she has the books closed until October ‘22, but we do hope she can go back soon.

miranda brouwer skull botanical tattoo new orleans


Lirette is a wonderful tattoo artist, this time, working at Voodoux Tattoo, in Mid City, New Orleans.

She has been tattooing since 2010, so you can say she has tons of experience and she is a fantastic choice to get inked by.

Lirette does master illustration and color tattoo, and we can say she has some small and ironic tattoos that we love.

Anyway, just follow Lirette, because she is worth a lot!

lirette dinosaur tattoo new orleans


Now we want to introduce you to Sarita.

She is a very special tattoo artist working in two different cities in two different countries: Medellín in Colombia and New Orleans.

In NOLA she works at Good Work Tattoo Shop, and she has a very special talent.

She is fantastic at Illustration, especially Neo Traditional one, and with geometrical or pattern designs.

Nice mix!

sarita new orleans tattoo ornamental

Allie Cat

Next on this list is Allie Cat, a very polifacetic tattoo artist based in Treasure Tattoo shop, in New Orleans, of course.

She can do almost every style you want, as you can see at her Instagram account, and sometimes she has guest spots in other parts of the US, which is fantastic.

We do like her Neo Traditional tattoos, by the way.


Jamie Ruth

Another wonderful tattoo artist from Treasure Tattoo is Jamie Ruth, who has been there from 1995, so you can say she is very experienced.

We do love Jamie’s Neo Traditional and funny tattoos, always with bold lines and nice colors, but she can tattoo you almost whatever you want.

We can say we need more people like Jamie, for sure!

jamie ruth neo traditional panter sword tattoo

Olivia Flocco

Olivia Flocco is an awesome tattoo artist working at Catahoula Tattoo Shop, and she is something different on this list.

Olivia is a real master in fineline tattoos, micro designs and lettering, and, as you can see, is the first woman in this list with these skills, isn’t it?

So, if you are in New Orleans and you want a fineline tattoo, we can bet you should call Olivia first!


Jacqui Rose

Moving forward on this list we have Jacqui Rose, another spectacular tattoo artist in New Orleans.

Jacqui is the owner of Lucky Dagger Tattoo Shop and we can say she has a lot of expertise in Neo Traditional thick line designs.

And we do love it.

You can see a couple of nice examples of Jacqui’s art!

jacqui rose new orleans tattoo shop belly tattoo

April Jay

Another fantastic artist working at Lucky Dagger Tattoo Shop is April Jay, and it is something completely different on the list.

April does not make tattoos, she makes artwork.

April is a blackwork artist and we can say she is a master in illustration and realism style, and we do love it.

Here you can see some of her work, so just go and follow her.



Dani Oddo

And, the third one from Lucky Dagger Tattoo in New Orleans is Dani Oddo.

Yes, Lucky Dagger Tattoo is very important, as you can see.

Dani’s tattoos are completely different from April and Jacqui, because Dani can make some colorful cartoon tattoos we do love.

And, of course, she can do some illustration tattoos, which are very nice too!

Here you can see some of her work.


Clare Levstick

But, there are not three, but four Lucky Dagger Tattoo crew on this list.

It is time for Clare Levstick, another amazing woman tattoo artist in New Orleans.

She is a very polifacetic artist, because she can do lettering, illustration, black and gray or color tattoos.

So, as you can see, you have a lot to choose here!


Samantha Sue

Let’s move on to Samantha Sue.

She is a fantastic tattoo artist (and musician) you can find at Space Tiger Tattoos and, sometimes, in a few guest spots in other places.

We do love Samantha’s art because we can say she masters the illustration and color techniques, so the results are really bold and unique.

You know, sometimes you can say a tattoo artist has a special style, and that is Samantha’s case.

So you must follow her, for sure.


Rachel Robinson

And, finally on this list, you can meet Rachel Robinson.

She is an amazing tattoo artist working at Tattoo Temple in New Orleans.

As you can see, Rachel’s tattoos perform perfectly in illustration and black and gray techniques, with perfect lines and amazing definition.

And this is not easy, at all.

So, if you want this kind of tattoo, just go and meet Rachel, because the perfect final result is a warranty!


As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic tattoo shops and artists in New Orleans. Just enjoy your next tattoo!

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