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Tattoo ideas for women? Really?

If you are reading this post is because you are looking for tattoo ideas for women, but we need to tell you something about this topic, and it’s important.

There are no “tattoos for women” as there are no “tattoos for men”. There are just tattoos.

You know, getting inked is the same for men and women. Ok, women usually have breasts and men do not, but that’s the only difference.

The skins are the same, the pain is similar, and it depends on the style you like.

Nothing more.

We must bury the ideas that small or watercolor tattoos, and trash polka is for men, because that’s simply not true.

For this, we want to share with you some tattoo ideas that some women get tattooed with, so you can open your mind and see the world’s diversity.


1. Perfect design in woman shoulder

Here you got a nice example of a very bold and complete tattoo.

A good size realistic tattoo with several element (you can see a clock numbers, and eye with the reflection in the pupil, a rose and something like a necklace).

The set has a lot of harmony, the tattoo is perfectly done, and the difficulty of that design is high.

So, here you can see and awesome tattoo on a woman shoulder on a realistic style.

This tattoo is made by Lucio Ayuso at El Quince Tattoo Shop in Madrid, Spain, and he have a lot of good tattoo artworks on his Instagram page.


2. Geometrical neck tattoo

Moving some steps up in bold designs, here you can find a geometrical tattoo perfectly done in a very hard place:

The neck.

This tattoo is made by Lady Marion, a woman who does spectacular geometric tattoos usually in Berlin, and the person who get inked is Fibieyewalker, a professional sword swallower.

Cool stuff, isn’t it?


3. Ornamental dotwork tattoo

We do love geometric and dotwork tattoos, for us, these styles have a lot of harmony and the difficulty is really high if you want a perfect finish.

Well, this tattoo has this perfect finish, an awesome design and, moreover, the placement is very bold: The armpit.

You cannot imagine how the pain is in that part of the body, and this increases a little bit more the difficulty of the tattoo.

The tattoo artist who made this piece of work is RobDots Tattoo, from Barcelona, in Spain, and you can see a lot of astonishing designs on their Instagram account.


4. Realistic tiger tattoo

This tattoo is quite different because it’s done by a Korean artist called Bium, who tattoo in 3layer Tatto Studio in Seoul.

For us, Korean tattoo artist have a special sensibility for their designs, it’s like an special tattoo school if you compare it with the rest of the world.

Talking a little bit more about the tattoo, it’s a tiger made basically on a realistic style, but with some red ink that gave a lot of personality for this design.

We do like the placement too, just down the clavicle, and it has a good size.

It’s simply perfect!

tattoo ideas for women realistic fantasy

5. Realistic and fantasy tattoo

Another bold and, this time, colorful tattoo is this one.

The tattoo artist who did this spectacular design is Kat Abdy, she usually tattoo in United Kingdom, and we do love her style.

It’s something like a mix between realistic style, with a lot of color and some fantasy inside, sometimes with surrealistic style, and with a lot of personality.

And the last point is The Point: Personality and ultra-high quality.


6. Watercolor tattoo

Another great tattoo style, very bold and remarkable is watercolor tattoo.

This tattoo is made by Laura Caselles, a woman tattoo artist with her tattoo studio near Madrid, Spain.

You can see here a woman with some balloons and a personal story, but Laura has a lot of amazing designs, all made with watercolor technique, and she is really good at this.

So, if you are looking for something to be the center of attention, and you like bright and color, please consider this kind of tattoos!


7. Brush Stokes abstract tattoo

Maybe you don’t know about abstract tattoo styles and, being more specific, the brush stokes one.

For us, brush stokes tattoo style is something we do like, because it’s like transforming your skin into a canvas.

The point here is this kind of tattoos are more complex that you think and, for having a perfect result, you need to be with a true professional of this style.

This tattoo is made by Saskia Kafkova, a tattoo artist from Czech Republic, and we do like her style!


8. Sketch Science Tree Tattoo

Here you can find another tattoo with a lot of personality.

You can see two snakes and an apple in two parts, and you know it’s related with the Catholicism story about Eva, Adan, the Science Tree and all this stuff.

The tattoo itself is made by Sara Derbis, tattoo artist from Częstochowa, in Poland, and we do like it because a lot of things.

The most important ones could be the mix between the sketch style with comic aesthetic and the colors.

Sara has a lot of nice works on her portfolio!


9. Peonies/Flowers Tattoo

In the number nine of this list, you can find this peonies tattoo from our beloved Jamie Kan, from Vancouver, Canada (if you want to read her interview at Ink Happened, just click here).

Perfect flowers are a thing, the have to seem organic and harmonic, and you need a tattoo artist with the proper technique to have the perfect result.

This tattoo from Jamie Kan is just a probe of it, but you have a lot more on her Instagram profile, always fineline ones, and I’m sure you are going to love them!


10. Irezumi tattoo idea

Irezumi, or traditional Japanese style is another of our favorite arts inside the tattoo styles.

This is an example of a huge Irezumi tattoo on a entire back, so you can see this style in all its glory.

Irezumi tattoos are usually big size, with a lot of colors, intricate designs and, of course, with a lot of imaginary of traditional Japanese, their legends, mythology, etc.

They are not for everyone, but we can say traditional Japanese tattoo is something remarkable.

This tattoo is made by Ghis Melou, owner of Half Wolf Tattoo in Montepellier, France, and we do appreciate his art!


11. Woman portrait with birds

This is another nice example of a fantastic tattoo design with a master finish.

The piece itself, as you can see, is a woman portrait with birds in the eyes section, very symbolic and powerful.

We do love this tattoo because the mix of techniques used is awesome, with some illustration, realistic style and dotwork for shadowing. Moreover, the work is done perfectly, and cannot perform better.

This tattoo is made by Anka Kiełtyka, an amazing woman tattoo artist from Poland you should follow.


12. Woman portrait with birds

It is time for a simpler but fantastic tattoo, this time from Louisa.

As you can see, the design is just a fox made in black ink, playing with the skin color for the belly, ears and tail.

You can say this is not an hyper-realistic or complicated tattoo, but it is eye-catching, it has a lot of power and, the part: it is really unique.

And we love it for that.

This tattoo is made by Louisa, another very talented woman tattoo artist based in Montreal, Canada, founder of 363Studio.


13. Heart and Roses Tattoo

Now you can see another amazing tattoo design in a woman’s skin like this one.

This design is more delicate because it is done with fineline tattoo style.

The tattoo itself is a composition of a heart among some roses and leaves, with a wonderful and precious design.

It is done by Julien du Bagne, a very talented french tattoo artist focused on botanical tattoos.


14. Skull and Flowers Tattoo

We follow with flowers but, this time, with something different and a little more creepy.

Because creepy things are cool too.

As you can see, a skull in the center of the composition, in black and gray ink, among a lot of pink flowers.

We like this tattoo because we think the mix between the black and gray and the pink color is remarkable, giving all the composition a lot of power.

The tattoo is made by Warred Klon, a tattoo artist from Cancun, in Mexico.


15. Woman portrait with mushrooms

Another perfect and astonishing tattoo for you.

This time, another woman portrait with a lot of flowers and mushrooms, perfectly done.

We do like the composition because we think you can breath the harmony and you can feel the mastering of the mix of style (illustration, fineline, dotwork and realism), and this is a big deal!

The tattoo is made by Hiralupe, co-owner of Secret Fire Tattoo.

Hira is an extremely talented Italian tattoo artist based in New York City, in the US and you may follow her right now!


16. Woman portrait in fineline

Well, this is not just a tattoo, this is more a piece of work.

Talking about the techniques, you can see an extremely professional fineline tattoo with some elements like a woman, an owl, some flowers and the world itself.

This tattoo is done by a master, the harmony of the composition gives all the elements a lot of power and the result is just amazing.

The tattoo is done by Mønika, a very talented woman tattoo artist working at HØØD7 Tattoo Studio, in Hamburg, Germany.


17. Geometric and dotwork portrait tattoo

Another piece of work in the number 17 idea for woman tattoos for you.

Now, as you can see, the geometric aspects are the key of this tattoo, done in the woman portrait in a perfect way.

The tattoo has another botanical part on the left, and the point is giving both parts the same style with the dotwork.

This fantastic job is done by JP Mendes, a fantastic tattoo artist working at Estúdio Harpia, at Uberlândia, in Brazil.


18. Flower in the mirror tattoo idea

Another unique tattoo for you!

This time you can see a flower in red ink coming out of the mirror, as a nice concept with a strong symbolism.

We do love the mix between the red ink flower and the black ink mirror, all done with maestry, with a lot of details, so you have a fantastic result.

This tattoo is done by Ink Avenue Studio, in Seoul, South Korea, and they have a lot of fantastic works at their Instagram account.


19. Aesthetic Back Tattoo

This nice and very bold design is just fantastic!

Yes, we know it is not for everyone, because it is a huge tattoo with a strong design, but hey, we do love bold tattoos!

As you can see, the main element is the flower composition in the middle of the back, with all the aesthetic leaves in the right and left wing.

Just fantastic.

This tattoo was done by ÑemboTattoo, from Formosa, in Argentina.


20. Wolf and Woman Portrait Tattoo

In number 20 we have this wonderful tattoo about two different portraits, a tribal woman one and a wolf howling at the moon.

We do like the strong symbolism of this tattoo, and the mix of techniques.

Because this tattoo has a little bit of sketch, another of dotwork and illustration, for a wonderful final result.

The tattoo is done by Henrique Torres, in Cruzeiro, Brazil.

As you can see, there are no tattoos for women, they are just tattoo that match your interests, taste, or vital moment in your life.

That’s all!

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