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3D Tattoos

3D tattoos are a big part of tattoo world, because it has a lot of different styles inside it. 

With this post we want to clean all the mess and to tidy up all the information so you can have a unique perspective about this. 

For that, on this post you may find: 

So, just read and enjoy. 

3D Tattoos: Just a small introduction

Speaking about tattoos, the 3D ones are a big part of this world, it’s like a mega-Style with a lot of different substyles inside. 

And, because of this, this guide is going to be huge. 

We don’t want you to get bored, so we are going to keep this introduction short and sweet. 

The main differences about a 3D tattoo and a 2D one is: 

3D tattoos usually get more time to be done than 2D one, and this is quite normal if you think, because trying to achieve 3D drawing and a 2D skin is difficult. 

3D tattoos are awesome or a disaster, because or you can feel the 3D or you just get an ugly tattoo.

Spoiler: Pick a good tattoo artist. 

There is no limit for 3D tattoo, just think what do you want and go for it. 

Some 3D tattoos ideas, sit down and relax

And now, a lot of ideas for you: 

3D Patterns tattoos

In this part of the classification, we want to share with you some tattoos with 3D effect with different patterns. 

Here you can find geometrical, waves and a lot more. 


Hexagon geometrical 3D tattoo

I do love geometrical tattoos.

Pattern designs, especially in arms and legs, are a fantastic design for almost everyone.

On this example you can find a hexagon pattern with a 3D effect like if something is broken, so you can fall down.

This is made by Brunno Nóbrega, from Brazil.


Dotwork geometrical sleeve tattoo

You can do 3D effect with dotwork if you are good enough for this and, as you can see, Jonathan is.

This sleeve made only with dotwork and black ink can get this 3D effect (and more), the pattern is very harmonic and the final result is fantastic.

You should follow Jonathan, from Bath, in the UK, for more!


3D geometrical arm sleeve

Here you can see a full arm tattooed with geometrical style with 3 different patterns.

Two of them have a 3D effect and the other one (the hexagons) are 2D, and the mix is just amazing.

This tattoo is made by deYus Angel ink in Bali, Indonesia.

3d wedding ring tattoo

3D wedding ring tattoo

Another trend at tattoo world is to get your wedding ring just inside your skin.

Cool, isn’t it?

This example is done over Emily Victoria and her husband fingers, and maybe it can give you some ideas for that.

3D tattoos about people or animals

Another big part of 3D tattoos is the section about getting inked with a person, some people, a face or animals. 

This kind of tattoos are really eye-catching, so please study it carefully. 


3D hummingbird tattoo

Well, this is not a tattoo, this is just art, isn’t it?

I don’t know what can I say, I’ve just sawn this hyper realistic hummingbird tattoo in colors and I think I get Stendhal syndrome.

This absolute beauty is made by Animal_Tattooer. She is from Russia but she goes to London a lot too, and you should follow here for more.


Gecko tattoo in 3D

This cute is a tattoo about a gecko in pink tones, but with 3D effect so you can feel the gecko is there.

The tattoo is made by Adam Zimmer, Co-Owner at Paper Moon Tattoo, in Pennsylvania (US) and the work is fantastic.


3D butterfly tattoo by Jazz

Butterfly tattoos are a meta trend by itself, especially the 3D ones, and here you can find the first example about this.

This design in purple and pink with shadowing is fantastic, and it’s made by Jazz Tattoo from Mexico DF, of course, in Mexico.


3D blue butterfly by Malavida Tattoo

Another butterfly tattoo, this time in blue and black colors, with a perfect definition and the shadowing so you can feel the butterfly in the shoulder, isn’t it?

Yes, the placement is quite similar than the last one, but butterflies in the shoulder are a huge trend.

This tattoo is made by Malavida Tattoo, in Milano, Italy, and they have a lot of nice work on their Instagram account.


3D butterfly and flower tattoo

We want to share with you another butterfly tattoo but, this time, the half of it.

As you can see, half is a 2D butterfly, but the other half is a 3D flower perfectly done, with a lot of harmony, and this mix up between black and color, 2D and 3D make this design something unique.

This piece of work is made by Ryan Gonzaga, in Iligan City, in Philippines.


3D rose tattoo in black and grey

Hyper realism has a lot to do with 3D tattoos, as you can see in this work.

As you can see, a big and with a perfect definition tattoo about two 3D roses in black and grey ink, with a little bit of white too.

This piece of work is done by Andrés Díaz, from Jaén, in Spain.


3D rose tattoo in color!

Some realistic, some abstract tattoo about a rose with half face, all in color and with 3D effect.

That’s a mix up!

We think the composition is a thing, the result is perfect and you have to be really brave for doing something like this, isn’t it?

The tattoo is made by Giovanni Tattoo, from Lausanne, Switzerland and it has a fantastic quality.

Nice work!

3d snake tattoo collarbone

3D snake in the collarbone small tattoo

Small tattoo can be fantastic too, and this is an example with a 3D tattoo.

The design is a snake moving by the collarbone and, as you can see it, it is just amazing the effect it gets, isn’t it?

The tattoo is made by 181 Tattooz Studio, in Nashik, India.


3D spider tattoo in the neck

Maybe this work is a little creepy for someone, but we do love this kind of bold designs!

Here you can find an amazing spider tattoo made in the neck and the back with a fantastic 3D effect so it seems the huge spider is truly there.

This tattoo is done by Black Diamond Tattoo, in Glifada, Greece.


T-Rex skeleton in 3D!

You know, this is the kind of tattoos that seems simple, but it has a lot of work and even more talent!

This T-Rex skeleton seems to be running after you, only with shadowing and linework, and we think it’s fantastic.

This T-Rex is made by Sad Girls Tattoo, from Birmingham, in the UK, and you should follow her for more!


3D scorpion tattoo

Usually, Scorpio tattoo is made to symbolize all about the Zodiac sign, and we think it’s pretty difficult to tattoo because the shape of this animal.

To get a nice 3D with that body is not easy, but the result can be amazing, like on this one.

This tattoo is made by Studio 27, in Brazil.


3D dragonfly tattoo

Look at this piece of work.

The design is perfectly done at this dragonfly in black and grey ink with a lot of 3D.

The placement is truly difficult, not only for the pain, but for the shapes too.

And, the final result, just perfect.

This piece of work is done by Alejandro Ruiz Sevillano. He tattoos in Florida (US) and in Venezuela, and his work is fantastic.

3D tattoos for 3D glasses

Do you remember, back in the 90’s, when 3D glasses were the top thing in the world? 

Yes, 1 glass (or plastic) green, the other red, and just enjoy some stroboscopic stuff! 

Well, inside 3D tattoos there is a section about this kind of tattoos, made for being watched with this kind of glasses. 

A little bit freak, a little bit nerdy, a lot of style. 

3d glasses tattoo squirrel chip chop

Chip N' Dale 3D tattoo

Chip n’ Dale was an icon back in the 90’s for an entire generation, and this tattoo, simple but quite effective and well done is a nice example.

Here you can see a tattoo made for being watched with 3D glasses, a little freak, and we do love it.

This tattoo is made by Kotoe Ink, in Koriyama, Fukushima, Japan, and you should follow the study for more.


3D Rose tattoo

Rose tattoos made in 3D are another meta trend, but with this tattoo you can go one step further and have a rose made by stare at it with 3D glasses.

This simple and beautiful design is made by Charles Couture, from RCKT Tattoo, in Saint Paul, Minnesota (US).

3D tattoos with a strong symbolism

A classic in 3D tattoos are the realism (or hyperrealism) ones with strong symbolism. 

Maybe the best example for a Western mind is a 3D cross, but there are a lot of examples. 


3D realistic cross tattoo

Well, we have nothing to discover you about the symbolism of crosses in Western countries, isn’t it?

Here you can find a simple idea perfectly done with a fantastic result.

This black and grey realistic cross tattoo is done by Jophio Tatuaje, and he has a lot more stuff on his account.

small 3d cross tattoo

Small 3D cross tattoo

And now, and example than a small and simple tattoo can be totally eye-catching.

This small 3D cross tattoo is barely 3 shadows in the neck, but it’s harmony and strong symbolism stands out the crowd.

This tattoo is done by Venom Tattoo, in India.


"Edward" lettering 3D tattoo

If you combine lettering and 3D effects, you can do something strong and beautiful.

And this is the case of this “Edward” lettering tattoo, like it’s carved on the skin.

This tattoo is made by Kristina Rose, from London (UK) and we think you can have a lot of ideas with this.

Sticker 3D tattoos

There is a substyle inside 3D tattoos about getting inked with designs like if you had a sticker or a patch in your skin. 

And we do love it. 

Here you can find some amazing examples. 

clover sticker 3d tattoo

Clover sticker tattoo

Stickers tattoos are something very specific and niche ones, but we think they are important enough to write something about them.

This clover 3D tattoo is perfectly done and it really seems something like a sticker happens on the skin, but it’s just the tattoo and we think it’s beautiful.

This tattoo is made by Muslubash, at Istambul, in Turkey, and you can find a lot of stickers account on this account.


3D sticker/patch tattoo

Another sticker in 3D for this tattoo design.

In this case, you can see a fantastic color tattoo with a funny design, but, moreover, like it was a patch sewn in the skin.

Nice idea, isn’t it?

This design is done by Min_Zumi, in Sydney, Australia.

3d sticker old style

3D sticker/patch tattoo

The third sticker tattoo is going one step further.

Because you can always make this step.

Is not just a sticker tattoo, is like it was an old sticker with a couple of splits.

This fantastic work is done by Zoio, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Some FAQs about 3D Tattoo

Well, it depends on 3 key factors: The size, the design and the tattoo artist experience. With these 3 key factors, you should have the cost. 

The point about the 3D tattoos is to get a 3D effect on a 2D canvas, like it’s your skin. You can have a 3D tattoo in a lot of different tattoo styles. 

It depends on the size and the tattoo artist, but usually it takes longer than de 2D ones, because you need more detail to get the perspective.

This is just a myth. It does not hurt more the black and grey or the color ink. The pain depends on the part of the body and on the person. Each one of us feels different than the other.

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