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4/5 - (9 votes)

Abstract Tattoo

One of the favorite tattoo styles here is the abstract one, because it can be almost anything you imagine, and that’s a really good point for us.

In fact, abstract tattoo style is really a tricky one to write a guide, because it is just too big to classify.

You know, you can do it by the placement in the body, by the sub-style you inked or for the subject, but all these 3 classification are not 100% fine for us.

So we have prefered to do something different, fresher and.. chaotic.

We are just going to show you a lot of different abstract tattoos (and, when we say a lot there are really a lot) with a brief explanation of each one.

Because you are here to get inspired, and we want to inspire you.

So, let’s go for it!

1. Abstract tattoo in the entire arm

For the first tattoo we want to show you we have needed two photos: One from the front, another from the back.

This entire arm tattoo is a fantastic example of how 100% abstract design works.

The design is perfectly organic, making the most of the shapes in the arm to get an awesome effect.

This tattoo is made by 12ABLK, she is based in Berlin and she works at Oek Factory, with some guest spots across Europe.


Please, take a minute to admire the dotwork, specially in the back.

12ABLK named that tattoo as “One Million Dots for Melissa”, so you can imagine the work!


2. Abstract tattoo about circles and lines

The second one is minimalist, delicate and small, so you can see the potential of abstract tattoo, isn’t it?

In this case, just two circles with two lines is more than enough to set up something unique and eye-catching.

And we do love this point too!

This color tattoo is made by Island Ink Tattoo Studio, in Jeju-Do, South Korea by IDA.


3. "The eye of the beholder" Abstract tattoo

Abstract tattoo is not only about lines and shapes, you can mix the reality with some other elements to have magnificents compositions, as you can see right here.

Talking about the design, the human eye is perfectly done, with a lot of definition, then you can see a line with a kind of signature, two different circles with a dotwork section.

Very complete talking about tattoo styles, and talking about art itself.

This tattoo is made by, and we can say he has his own brand/mark, and we celebrate that!


4. Phoenix Abstract Tattoo

With some abstract style and some realism one (this is usual in abstract tattoos, we do not want to lie to you) you can see this small but spectacular design.

This time, the tattoo is colorful, with bright orange tones, some yellow and very bright black ink, giving the composition a lot of strong eye-catching aura.

We do love it.

The tattoo itself is done by Daniel Pakr, a tattoo artist from Kopřivnice, Czech Republic, and he has a lot of different fantastic tattoos on his Instagram account you should follow.


5. Love home Abstract tattoo

As you can see, abstract tattoos can be cute and funny too, it only depends on what thing you want to get inked.

This time, the symbolism of an asteroid being the home, with a big heart in the chimney and a couple of paper planes like two little children playing.

This lovely tattoo is made by Hydra Skin Tattoo Design Tattoo, in Rome, Italy, and they have a lot of special tattoos for you!


6. Blackout Abstract Tattoo

Now we come back to 100% abstract tattoos with something that seems very simple but it is really hard to make it like this.

You can see an abstract tattoo made with a blackout sub-style, and yes, this style is about covering with black ink big parts of the skin.

In this case, this black ink tries to simulate a brush stroke, and the result is fantastic.

This tattoo is made by The Iron Family, a tattoo studio from Viareggio, in Italy.


7. Painting like Arm Tattoo

Yes, abstract tattoos come directly from abstract painting, as you can imagine in your head, isn’t it?

Well, this is a perfect example about how you can have an abstract painting in your own skin, forever.

The result is fantastic because it looks like real paint, and this is really hard to do.

Nice work!

This tattoo is done by Gravè de Noir, in Padova, Italy, and you should go to their Instagram account for more.

abstract delicate arm tattoo miladice

8. Delicate and organic Abstract Arm Tattoo

And, talking about 100% abstract tattoos, what do you think of this artwork?

We do love this kind of designs because they are delicate, beautiful and unique.

We think it mixes really well with the shapes of the arm and hand, making something magical.

This tattoo is made by Miladice Tattoo Studio, in Prague, Czech Republic, and they have their own brand with this kind of design.

Nice work there!


9. Whale and lighthouse Abstract Tattoo

As we told you before, inside abstract style are the surrealism ones too, and this is an example of this sub-style.

You can see a tattoo about a whale and a lighthouse with a lot of presence of blue color, and some abstract elements at the top of the tattoo, giving all the composition a wonderful mix for a sea lover, isn’t it?

We do like the definition of the whale and the lighthouse, like the old photographs.

Excellent job by Alice LittleOne, from the Art Vision Tattoo, in Berlin. Follow her for more!


10. Natural composition Abstract tattoo

Small abstract tattoos can be overwhelming, as this tattoo you can see is.

The composition reminds us of something natural, like a mountain with some trees, the sun and a cloud, but all made with a lot of style and sense.

And we only can celebrate that.

We think this design is really beautiful and unique to be on this list.

This tattoo is made by Tuğçe özbıyık, a woman tattoo artist in Istanbul, Turkey, and she has a different and unique style you must follow.

Thanks, Tuğçe!


11. Abstract Leg tattoo with woman face

And now, another eye-catching design may be the opposite than the last one.

This time we can see a big size tattoo in the leg, full of color with some realistic elements like the woman face mixed with this blue/green color, something like a webcam (or whatever) and some blackwork.

We think the composition is very bold and has a strong voice, isn’t it?

About the artist, this tattoo is done by Dynoz Art Attack, a tattoo artist based in Greece but with some guest spots all around Europe with this special brand on his hands!


12. Abstract two arms tattoo

Another example of pure abstract tattoo is that composition of blackwork in both arms that complements perfectly one another.

The effect is like something painted but, you know, it’s really inked!

We do love this kind of effect, it feels fantastic for us if the result is as good as this one.

This tattoo is made by Typek, a tattoo artist based in Krakow, in Poland, and he has plenty of designs like this one on his Instagram account.


12. Abstract two arms tattoo

And, if the last tattoo was bold and strong, what do you think of this one?

You have to be very bold to get inked like this guy, but the composition itself is precious for us, and we do love the way to get your skin like a canvas for the tattoo artist, becoming yourself the painting itself.

So, we do not why, but we love this.

Nice job by Kajetan, based in Berlin, Germany!


13. Abstract DNA Tattoo

When you are really a good tattoo artist, you can catch a simple concept and do something unique with that.

This is the case of this tattoo, about a huge size DNA chain that seems like a twisted stair.

We think the definition of this tattoo is awesome and the result is just astonishing, so we can only congratulate the tattoo artist.

The tattoo itself is made by Adam Ziotewicz, he is a tattoo artist based in Gdańsk, in Poland, but with several spots as a guest in different places.


14. Abstract circle tattoo

Something more delicate and small now like this circle made in abstract style.

As you can see, it is more difficult than you may think at first sight, because it has a lot of details.

First, the circle itself is perfect, something very difficult because of the shape of the skin.

Then, it is done in dotwork style, that is to say there are no lines on this tattoo, only dots.

So, nice job there from Il Grande Tattoo, from Stuttgart.


15. Geometric shoulder tattoo

Another nice style to get inked in an abstract way is the geometrical tattoo style, as you can see in this photo.

This time you have a geometrical element in the center of the composition with some circles and lines like in the Sci-Fi movies, and we like a lot the way it is finished.

This tattoo is made by Trachic Tattoo School, from Belgium, and she has a lot of different tattoos like this one on her Instagram account.

So, you should follow her right now!

abstract tatto thunderbolt tatowierunger

16. Thunderbolt like Abstract Tattoo

And another fantastic tattoo, this time, like you had a thunderbolt rising from your heart.

Cool, isn’t it?

Well, this design is not easy to do, because you have to master the technique to really seem a thunderbolt, and this tattoo artist just has it.

This tattoo is done at Tätowierungen Marcus Stolz, a private studio tattoo from Waiblingen, in Germany.


17. Colorful flowers Arm Tattoo

Moving forward, here you can find a completely different tattoo inside the abstract tattoo too!

Here it is based on realism on the elements, but the composition is clearly inside a surrealist one.

As you can see, the colorful flowers are the main characters, especially the sunflowers, with half of a woman’s face and some leaves.

Talking about techniques, you can see some dotworks in the background, giving the composition true balance.

This tattoo is made by Andrea Caplan Jensen, from Love Struck Tattoo, in Annapolis, Maryland, and you should follow her right now!


18. Abstract Leg tattoo with dotwork

Another abstract design, this time in the leg with dotwork, lines and circles.

This time the composition is adapted to the shape of the leg, more vertical than in other cases, but the result is fantastic too.

We want to remark on this tattoo that the work it’s perfectly clear, with high definition and very harmonic.

Nice job for Maureen Sendim, from Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.


19. Some creepy surrealistic tattoo

Now it’s turn for another kind of tattoos, inside the abstract art, but definitely a surrealistic one, as you can see.

Yes, it is a bit creepy and odd, but the result is fantastic.

We do love the definition and the bright colors of that hyperrealism, especially in the face.

This tattoo is made by Josh Williams, a tattoo artist based in London with fantastic designs.


20. Shadow in the face Abstract Tattoo

The idea is simple, but the result is perfect.

Here you can find a tattoo about a concept, the shadow of a hand in the face.

We do like the way it’s done and the shadow effect is just precious, so perfect you can feel it.

Fantastic job by Level Tattoo, a private studio in Pasadena, California.

abstract tattoo skull and woman buddy barratt

21. Surrealistic woman and skull Tatto

Yes, another hyper realistic tattoo with a surrealistic result, a wonderful definition and a perfect technique.

This time, the composition is about a woman’s face and a skull, but we are crazy about the definition of this artwork, we are speechless.

This tattoo is made by Buddy Barratt Tattoo, in Bedford (UK), and he does fantastic tattoos, just follow him for more.


22. Perseus like wings tattoo

This tattoo is simple but effective. Trully.

We can say this is the way you may ink the Perseus wings in the feet (you know, the one from the Medusa myth) if you want to do it with elegance and a unique design.

Talking about techniques, you can see some blackwork and dotwork here, perfectly done by the tattoo artist, very clean and straight.

It’s done by Eleonora Cercato, from The White Whale Tattoo Society in Padova, Italy, and you should follow her.


23. Abstract Blue Armband

Another small but effective tattoo is that armband one, made in blue and black tones.

It works perfectly because the work the tattoo artist has done here is extremely good!

Look at that dotwork with the black ink inside the blue colors for giving all the composition an extremely organic finish.

We do love it.

This tattoo is made by Dot Tattoo Studio, in Niksic, Montenegro.


24. Arm line Abstract Tattoo

This example is in the delicate ones too.

As you can see, it is a straight line from the neck to near the hand, just a line, but perfectly done by the tattoo artist.

The tattoo itself is simple, but it has a lot of personality, isn’t it?

This tattoo is made by Virginie Tatouage, she works from Strasbourg and you should follow her.


25. World Tattoo in Abstract Style

And, talking about tattoos with a lot of personality, here you can find a strong design with a perfect result.

This tattoo, as you can see, is an entire back one, and the concept itself is beautiful. Just some frames of the world, in color and in black and gray, with some dotwork.

A wonderful work from a fantastic tattoo artist like Rachel EntArtet, from Bavaria, in Germany.

She has a lot of precious tattoos on her Instagram account, so just go and follow her.


26. Abstract Ornamental Hand Tattoo

Well, 26 numbers for a hand tattoo is more than enough.

This concept is an abstract ornamental tattoo made in the hand, with a lot of precision.

We can say tattooing hands is not easy at all and, with this intricate design is only for professionals, so nice job there!

This tattoo is made by InkFoxx, from Germany.



27. Abstract Trash Polska Tattoo

We do like this tattoo for a lot of things, from the mix of styles until the result itself.

Talking about styles, you can see an abstract tattoo made by a Trash Polska design with their typical black and red ink, but made in sketch drawing.

And the result is totally natural, harmonical, and very bold, as all Trash Polska designs!

This tattoo is made by Thomas Acid, he works at Renegade Tattoo in Beverwijk, The Netherlands, and he is a fantastic Trash Polska specialist.


28. Abstract Landscape

This tattoo is totally different from the last Trash Polska one.

This time is a more delicate design about a landscape done in abstract style, but with something like a brand tattoo.

We say that because the tattoo artist’s style, Romero Blau, is 100% recognizable and we think this is a good thing.

He works at Nuage Tattoo, in The Netherlands.


29. Surrealism old school tattoo

This tattoo is 100% in the surrealism old school painters style and you could pass in front of something like that back in 1920 or 30.

For us, this is not just a tattoo, it is a masterpiece.

Totally unique, perfectly finished, delicate design and very, very clean, with a lot of dotwork inside.

The tattoo is made by Eva Krbdk, one of the most prominent tattoo artists in the world, founder of Atelier Eva, in New York.


30. Music in the DNA Abstract Tattoo

We liked this design because it is very eye-catching with that blue and purple tones inside the abstract composition.

As Hoss, the tattoo artist, explains in the publication, this is the first tattoo for Esa (very bold for starting with that!) and the meaning is about the music is in her DNA, and her favorite instrument is the piano.

Nice mix, perfect result.

Hoss is the owner of Hysteria Tattoo, in Amsterdam, and he defines himself as a Graphic Watercolor Abstract tattoo artist.

We think it is 100% true!


31. Half Orange Abstract Tattoo

And, another surrealist tattoo for you is that one you can see here.

This time the tattoo is about a section of the head like there was an orange (or another citric) inside, with the plant just at its side.

We think the idea is fantastic, very original and it is fantastically inked by the tattoo artist, Jessi.

She is Nürnberg, in Baviera, Germany and she is the owner of Radical Hearts Tattoo.


32. Lines and planet Abstract Tattoo

We do like lines tattoos (yes, we like a lot of different tattoos, that’s the point!), and this one is another nice example of our passion.

This time the lines are with a planet, following the shape of the arm.

We want you to focus on the relation among the lines, very natural and, on the other hand, the colors of the planet, just like there was some odd atmosfere.

We do love it.

This is done by Aga Kura, a tattoo artist based in Berlin working at Akurat Studio.


33. Complete arm with Brush Strokes tattoo

Yes, we have shown you some brush strokes tattoo inside this guide, but this time there is something special with that one.

First of all, the colors instead the black ink, giving the tattoo something different.

Moreover, this time the tattoo artist does not want to pretend brush strokes like you were painting a canvas or a wall, instead of that, it is more like it was marker pens.

This tattoo is made by Lexi, a wonderful abstract tattoo artist actually in Hong Kong.

abstract tattoo dots squares erin

34. Two different abstract tattoos connected

Another concept now:

Instead of having one single abstract tattoo, why not having two connected?

With this idea in mind you can see this composition from another way, and we think it is the right one.

Just a simple tattoo like some dots and a couple of squares becomes a thing if it’s perfectly done like this work.

The tattoo artist’s name is Erin, she is from Weaverville in North Carolina (US), and we have to say this is a masterpiece for us.


35. Jellyfish surrealistic tattoo

As you may know now, surrealism is one of the sub-styles inside the abstract tattoo and, in this case, we have another surrealistic one.

Here you can see a tattoo of a jellyfish in half realistic, half illustration style, only with black ink.

Then, up this jellyfish you have a pattern in red with something like a bird shadow and, down the jellyfish, some blue geometric pieces symbolizing the sea.

This truly nice work is made by Joza, a tattoo artist on the road with his own brand of tattooing, and you should follow, for sure!


36. Abstract arm half-sleeve tattoo

This time you can see another tattoo with different shapes and shadows but, instead of lines, with curves.

We do like this one because it is very wavy, you know, like the waves of the sea were in the arm.

This tattoo is lovely done by WeKid Impasto Tattoo, from Korea, with several guest spots all around the world.


36. Abstract arm half-sleeve tattoo

This time you can see another tattoo with different shapes and shadows but, instead of lines, with curves.

We do like this one because it is very wavy, you know, like the waves of the sea were in the arm.

This tattoo is lovely done by WeKid Impasto Tattoo, from Korea, with several guest spots all around the world.


37. Abstract "fingerprint" tattoo

This time you can see a design for something like a fingerprint (kind of) playing with empty spaces and negative in the borders, making something personal and unique, isn’t it?

We do love this design because it has tons of personality and we think it has a lot of mastery by Mia Celeste, from Poland.

You should definitely follow her because she has plenty of fantastic tattoo works on her Instagram account.


38. Abtract Nauralism Branches

Inside the abstract tattoo style, we do love the lines like nauralism branches, veins or even thunders, like this one.

This time is something like neuronal branches all over the neck, chest and back, with a lot of harmony and style.

This tattoo is made by Kirke Tinno, an Estonian woman tattoo artist with tons of abstract tattoos at her account, you should follow her right now!


39. Abstract Sleeve with a lot of elements

And now, something different.

Here you can find something like an abstract sleeve tattoo with a lot of elements.

In the middle, an eye with some wings and something like two stairs, all surrounded by geometrical elements.

This work is done by Damian. He works at a private studio in the South West of the UK and he has wonderful works to get inspiration.


40. Surrealistic portrait with 3 pair of eyes

Another subtrend inside the abstract tattoo style is doing portraits with two pairs of eyes, but this time we want to show you one with three pairs.

Yes, the result is a little bit dizzy, but that is completely the point.

We do like the mix between the realistic style with the surrealism element, making the composition odd and hypnotic.

This tattoo is made by Edoardo Sánchez, in Cremona, Italy.

Nice work!

FAQs about Abstract Tattoos

An abstract tattoo is a tattoo made with abstract style or one of the sub-styles inside this one. We can say abstract tattoo is one of the major tattoo styles, very deep and with a lot of variations.

The negative space is a sub-style inside the abstract tattoo. The point of this style is to make the design with the skin, insted with the ink, so we fill the space with black ink (usually), like if you are watching the negative of a photo.

Surrealism tattoo is another sub-style inside the abstract tattoo one. For this you have to mix up real elements with unreal ones, to make something like an odd fantasy, like the painters do.

This is a nice question, because we cannot tell about 5 major types of tattoos. Maybe the 5 biggest ones can be Realism, Abstract, Japanese, Color and Neo Traditional, but it depends on the country a lot.

pinit fg en rect red 28

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