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Anatomical Tattoos

Yes, Anatomical Tattoos are a substyle inside the tattoo world, but maybe sometimes it is a little difficult to define because it is a very specific but wide one.

Because of this, on this guide we want to tell you a few things:

Let’s move on.

What is the Anatomical Tattoo Style

The main definition is simple:

But, beyond this there is so much to say.

Usually anatomical tattoos are not about just human bodies or animals itself, this is not anatomical tattoo.

Some rules about Anatomical Tattoo Style

There are some non-written rules about anatomical tattoos, and I am going to try to summarize the most important ones:

That’s all.

As you can see, there is a very specific tattoo style, but we said just at the beginning of this guide that it is wide too.

But why?

Because you can do this tattoos about bones, organs and muscles in almost every tattoo style you want:

Realistic, abstract, hyperrealistic, anime, new school, sketch or whatever.

Because Anatomical Tattoo style is about the concept, the essence itself, not about the drawing.

And, because of  this, we want to introduce you to a lot of Anatomical Tattoos for you.

Some Anatomical Tattoos for you

Here you can see some examples about Anatomical Tattoos:


Realistic Style Human Body Tattoo

The first tattoo on this list has to be something unique, bold and… perfect. Like this one.

Here you can see half of a human body with all the muscles and the skull in a  realistic and black and gray style, with geometric details in the head and in the lower part of the tattoo.

This fantastic work is done by Eduardo Trujillo, a very talented tattoo artist working at Yokai Studio, in México, and we do think you should follow him right now.


Now, some realistic bones for you

We do love this tattoo too, because Lydia can turn something a little creepy like the bones of the chest and spine into something beautiful and eye-catching.

As you can see, this tattoo is done in a realistic style and in black and gray, with some shadowing and dotwork.

And it is just perfect.

This tattoo is done by Lydia Oh Lydia. She works at Man’s Ruin Tattoo in Melbourne, Australia, and she is a very talented tattoo artist focused on realism and black and gray.


Heart with Leaves Anatomical Tattoo

Another nice example is this one.

Here you can see a tattoo of a heart with some leaves growing in the upper part, all done in a realistic style.

We do love this tattoo because you can feel the essence of the concept and, moreover, we think the work with the thick lines is just perfect.

The tattoo is done by Von Fischern und Halunken, a tattoo studio at Weilheim, in Germany.


Raven Anatomical Tattoo

Look at this tattoo, it is beautiful, isn’t it?

The first animal anatomical tattoo is this one, it seems simple but it is just artwork.

As you can see, it is something like a raven with the bones in realistic style and the silhouette in blackwork, giving the composition something unique, very bold.

The tattoo itself is done by Cooper, with a private studio in Seattle, very talented for realism and drawing tattoos.


Anatomical Rabbit Tattoo

Here you can see another anatomical tattoo about an animal, in this case, of a rabbit.

As you can see, it is a realistic illustration tattoo about the rabbit itself and about all the bones.

We do like the tattoo design itself, especially the shadowing on the rabbit.

This tattoo is done by Jessie Violet Van Herring, a very talented tattoo artist focused on nature tattoos in black and gray.

She works at Wallflower Tattoo, in Portland, Oregon, and you should follow her right now!


Anatomical Head and Tree Tattoo

Let’s move on into something new and a little creepy.

Here you can see a tattoo about a man’s head and, inside, something like a tree and soil, isn’t it?

As a concept it’s very bold and with strong significance, and we do love it.

This tattoo is done by Onirma, a fantastic tattoo artist working at L’atelier des Ombres, in Paris (France), and we do love his style, always in black ink, and a little weird.


Scientific Illustration Anatomical Tattoo

Yes, there is a subtrend inside the anatomical tattoos about these scientific illustrations from the biology books, and we think it is just beautiful.

This is a perfect example, done in black ink with a lot of linework, perfectly finished.

This tattoo is done by Katy Wiedemann, a fantastic and really talented tattoo artist from Wilmington, in Delaware. She is working at Hereditary Tattoo and we do love her style!


Pelve Anatomical Tattoo

One more nice example of an anatomical tattoo is here.

Now you can see a pelve tattoo, done with mastery, with a branch with leaves as the continuation of the spine, a fantastic concept with a very strong symbolism.

This tattoo is done by Isa, a fantastic tattoo artist working at Beech House Tattoo, in Bocchum, Germany.

We do love Isa’s work, focused in black ink tattoos with a lot of illustrations about nature.



Skull and Geometric Tattoo

Yes, you can combine anatomical tattoo with whatever you want and, if you do it in the right way, the result is going to be fantastic, like this one.

As you can see, there is a skull tattoo with fineline and in a realistic way, done in the scientific illustration subtrend, with some geometrical elements making the composition something unique.

This tattoo is done by Clarissa J Docksey, a very talented tattoo artist with tons of fantastic illustration design at her Instagram account. You should follow her right now!

anatomical tattoo scientific illustration bones sogdiana

Another Scientific Illustration

And now you can see another perfect scientific illustration, this time about the chest, skull, heart and lungs, all with some geometrical drawings and a lot of harmony.

We just do love it.

This tattoo is done by Sogdiana, a wonderful tattoo artist working at Eden Body Art Studio in Dallas, Texas, you should follow.

As you can see, Anatomical Tattoo style is a fantastic way to get inked, we hope you are now more inspired!

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