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Francisca L贸pez

Something about me

Hi there! My name is Francisca L贸pez, I鈥檓 27 years old and I鈥檓 graphic designer, illustrator and tattoo artist.

My dream since I was a small child was making my life with art being independent.

Despite how difficult it is working as an artist in Chile, my will to be more perfect technically never stops me until now.

My first tattoo machine came to my life in 2017, I was finishing my studies as graphic designer, and I was on a high stress period of my life, with a lot of exams, nonetheless, my curiosity to learn was stronger, because non much of the tattoo artists (usually men) share their knowledge open minded.

Fortunately, this will of learning as much as I can was stronger and, with the support of my friends, I could make my steps.

From there until today, tattooing has opened a lot of doors to know artists and talented friends who inspire me everyday and move me to be better day by day.

Now, I鈥檓 tattooing in a private tattoo studio in Santiago, and I learn everyday about this art that I鈥檓 passionate!

You can find me here


This is what I do

Line work

I'm working at

Private Tattoo studio

My projects

Here, some of my projects.

Project 1

francisca lopez tattoo artist chile woman light

Project 2


Project 3


Project 4


Project 5

francisca lopez tattoo artist chain

Project 6


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