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Javiera Vidal (Hvnttter)

Something about me

Hi! My name is Javiera Vidal and I’m 31 years old.

I studied Costume Design but in my head was always the idea of learning to tattoo, and I went around a lot before I could get all the pieces together and give my part on that.

You can say I stopped to puncture cloth to puncture skins, hehehe!

In the beginning, I learned how to tattoo with a machine, and then, I learned how to hand poke, and I felt in love.

I have been tattooing since 2014 and my style is defined by 2D drawings, a lot of black color and thick lines.

Like a combination between vectors and stickers.

I cannot imagine how a person wants my drawings on him or her skin forever, it’s a feeling that you cannot compare with anything!

Last, I hope I can keep tattooing my very last days, when I am and old lady with Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.

You can find me here


This is what I do

Thick Line

A lot of black ink, sometimes a little of red or white.

I do all my designs, drawings, and lettering.

I do like to make crystals, pies, landscape with water, moons, and Spanish lettering.

I'm working at

Private Tattoo studio

My projects

Some of my tattoo work!

Project 1


Project 2


Project 3


Project 4


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