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Juliana Fuenzalida

Something about me

Love moves us, at least that is what they say.

And that’s what happened to me with the tattoo world!

In my country, Honduras, I met a Spanish artist and I fell in love with him. He used to paint, to draw, to sculpture, graffiti and.. tattoos.

And this is how my adventure with tattoos started.

With the Spanish guy machines I tattooed myself on an ankle a drawing made by my girl and only I can understand that drawing, but then he had to move to Spain and give me old machines with the promise of coming back and teach me how to tattoo.

At the end, this love story ended…

And, because I keep the machines, I learned by myself.

I look for so many YouTube tutorials, but I never dare to tattoo someone a person.

One day my cousin tells me “just tattoo me, I trust you”. And that’s how it all started, with a lot of panic and very nervousness, tattooing my family and friends.

But then, it doesn’t stop.

I started tattooing in Honduras back in 2017 from time to time, then in 2019 I moved to Chile because of the painful situation in my country, and now I’m still here tattooing more and more and learning with each tattoo I do.

I do not have a special tattoo design, but I’m comfortable doing realism, sketch and linework.

I do like making cover ups, that’s really a thing for me because the person can see who a failure tattoo transforms on a brand new one, and it’s a wonderful feeling.

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