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Loreto SepĂșlveda GuzmĂĄn (laotralore)

Something about me

After years of technical jobs as a designer and working as a freelance illustrator between comics and fanzines, tattooing caught me by surprise living in Barcelona. 

I never pictured myself tattooing before, until some friends tempted me to try it almost a couple of years ago. And as I wiped the ink off my own skin and noticed that the lines stayed indelible, I was sure that tattooing was what I wanted to do from then on.

I started with the help of some giving friends, generous with their knowledge, their supplies and some of them even their own skins. 

As soon as I could I bought my own machine and so I started a self taught way, always lucky to find unselfish advice from more experienced tattoo artists, some of them who also opened the doors of their private studios for me.

Currently between Spain and Chile, my native country and where the pandemic caught me while visiting, I always carry my needles and keep on learning and trying out different techniques. 

I usually do linework and dotwork, but just like I do when illustrating, I enjoy not focusing on a particular tattoo style, but just proposing my own illustrations or talking a custom design through with the one who is going to wear it. 

It is that feedback one of the things I love the most about being a tattoo artist.

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My projects

Some of my tattoo work!

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