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Nicol Caro

Something about me

Hi, my name is Nicol, and I’m a visual artist.

I tattoo my drawings in the skin since 2017.

I live in Santiago de Chile, and here tattoo has become a part of the work for dissidence and women, when usually is a super male chauvinist.

In fact, a lot of men tattoo has been proceeded by abuse or violence.

Therefore, I offer a safe place in all aspects, and it’s important for me to tell you I do not tattoo cops, fascist or male chauvinist at all.

To draw is something I do as far I can remember, and that’s why I can see the tattoos like a drawing technique but, in my case, with the skin as the support.

I love to do some art that people can wear forever, and it’s a wonderful experience, with a lot of work, learning, collaboration and friendship.

My work is related with my interests and all the things I like to draw and learn, but basically, I am focused on linework, and something I say, “simple but beautiful”.

You can find me here


This is what I do

Author Tattoo
Drawing in the skin
Protest Tattoo

I'm working at

Nicol Studio

In Chile you cannot say where are you working because it’s a dangerous thing.

My projects

Here are some of my projects:

Project 1


Project 2


Project 3


Project 4


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