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Something about me

I’m Mexican and a nomad. I’m an intersectional feminist, a guardian of the guardians, a tropical woman from the Yucatan peninsula.

I see myself as a multidisciplinary artist since, apart from tattooing, Iā€™m also interested in audiovisual arts, literature and music.

However, everything I do is filled with my vision of esoterism and magic.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a master’s in Social Work.

Nevertheless, after trying to be part of the academic community, I realized I didn’t belong there, and I needed to make my own path to bloom.

I work with the hand poke technique for tattooing since it involves no machines.

It’s just me and the other person, no noise and almost no blood at all. What I love the most of hand poke is that it offers me an intimate time and space with the person Iā€™m tattooing.

But even if consider sticking with this traditional technique, I’m also attracted to the idea of learning to tattoo with a machine to compare both experiences.

Currently I’m not working at any studio since I’m mostly traveling, so the best way to contact me would be my Instagram account @tatuajji.

You can find me here


This is what I do

Hand Poke

I'm working at

No tattoo, I'm nomad.

My projects

Some of my tattoo work!

Tattoo 1


Tattoo 2


Tattoo 3


Tattoo 4


Tattoo 5


Tattoo 6


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