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Tina Steinsberg

Something about me

My name is Tina Steinsberg and I am a handpoke tattoo artist originally from Vienna, now living and working in Liverpool.

I draw my inspiration as a tattoo artist directly from nature and specifically botany.

I love to sketch and create tattoos that reflect both the beauty and imperfections that make nature so magical.

Creating tattoos by handpoke feels like an extension of my sketch book.

Dot by dot the tattoo evolves organically.

My sketches start as time spent in the field foraging plants, drawing and studying it’s details and that is reflected in my work.

Each tattoo is a unique representation of a moment in time carrying that deep connection with the power of plants, an expression of that nature spirit that you can carry with you.

You can find me here


This is what I do

Fine line
Dot work

I'm working at

Moonshine Tattoo Studio

The studio I am based in is in the Baltic Triangle, close to the city center of Liverpool. A very welcoming and inclusive place.

My tattoos

Here you can find some of my tattoo work.

Tattoo 1


Tattoo 2

branches handpoke leg tattoo tina steinberg liverpool tattoo artist min

Tattoo 3


Tattoo 4


Tattoo 3


Tattoo 4

handpoke tattoo behing ear tina steinberg liverpool tattoo artist min

Tattoo 3

spider tattoo back tina steinberg liverpool tattoo artist min

Tattoo 4


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