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Kelly Doty, much more than Ink Master

Something about me

In this profile article we want you to know one of the most visible female tattoo artists on earth.

Her name is Kelly Doty and we do love their remarkable artwork.

First, speaking about her art, Kelly Doty’s style is just amazing, and you are going to recognize it as soon as you see one of their tattoos, and that’s a very difficult thing.

Kelly Doty’s tattoos are illustrations in something like New
School tattoo
, with a lot of colors (some of them hard to define) and with touches of horror and surrealistic images.

Fantastic, isn’t it?

But Kelly Doty is really famous in the tattoo world because she was a member of Ink Master, Season 8 and, moreover the natural big exposure of that kind of shows, she made into the final and she made some remarkable piece of work there.

After that, Kelly Doty’s imprint was so great that she hosted Ink Master Angles for two seasons.

You can find me here


Kelly Doty's Tattoo Styles

New School
Color Tattoo
Horror Tattoo

Where do Kelly Doty works

You can find Kelly Doty in Salem, Massachusetts, because she is the co-owner of Helheim Gallery with Kristen Welch.

As they say, Helheim Gallery is a safe place runs as a family and you can find here Britt Whitman, Jess Brown, Sean Gardner and, of course, Kelly Doty.

Helheim Gallery

How to book with Kelly Doty

As you may imagine, getting inked by Kelly Doty is not easy, but she updates frequently her Instagram account with her availability and all the information about what is she working about.

Of course, in a pre-pandemic world she used to go to a lot of conventions, and we do hope this world comes back as soon as possible but, in the meantime, you can send a contact form at Helheim Gallery website.

They are going to ask you some more information about your idea (the placement, etc.), but we do recommend you let Kelly Doty create as much as you can, because the result is going to be amazing.

Some Kelly Doty tattoos

All these fantastic photos are from Kelly Doty’s Instagram account.

Tattoo 1


Tattoo 2


Tattoo 3


Tattoo 4


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