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Aesthetic Tattoos

Aesthetic Tattoos is a huge trend inside the tattoo industry, and, because of this, we think you should know everything about this kind of art.

For this, on this guide we are going to talk about:

Not bad, isn’t it?

So, let’s get started!

What is an Aesthetic Tattoo?

Well, the definition of “Aesthetic Tattoo” is not clear at all, but we want to explain it as best as we can.

Talking about theory, an aesthetic tattoo is a tattoo design to extol one part of the body, with no meaning at all.

This is ok, but the truth is that definition does not fit with what is an aesthetic tattoo now in the streets.

However, the trend about this kind of tattoos are about:

Moreover, this definition has to live with another one, because the other meaning is something like tattoos that are really beautiful.

These kinds of tattoos are quite the opposite, because they have a high detail level, and can be on every size.

Aesthetic Tattoo designs

Now, we have a problem to solve.

Two different definitions for the same kind of tattoos and, moreover, very open.

So, we think the best way to talk about aesthetic tattoos is just showing you a lot of different tattoo designs.

Here is the list:


1. Butterfly and moon Aesthetic Tattoo

The first tattoo we want to show you can fit the three different definitions for aesthetic tattoos, because it is a small tattoo with not many details, but it is beautiful and extols a part of the body.

As you can see, it is a butterfly in the middle of the design, with some moon phases and the word “patience”.

This nice work is done by George Thomopoulos in Athens, Greece, and we think it is just fantastic.

aesthetic red flowers tattoo lucas quiceno

2. Red japanese flowers aesthetic tattoo

Now we want to show you another tattoo that is just beautiful and well balanced.

This design is something like japanese flowers with black and red ink, but the lines are very harmonized and the work is perfectly clear.

So, we think this is just another aesthetic tattoo, for sure.

This tattoo is done by Lucas Quiceno, nice one!


3. Happy Fishes Tattoo

Thirdly, we want to show you this tattoo, a very special one.

The tattoo itself is small, cute and with a low detail level, but beautiful, and this is the main meaning of aesthetic tattoo today.

This tattoo is very special because it is the first done by the tattoo artist, Sam Huang, apprentice from Parallax Tattoo Studio, in California, US.


4. Homer & Bender Aesthetic Tattoo

Yes, Bender and Homer can be in a list about aesthetic tattoos.

We mean it.

This work is, of course, influenced by the famous painting The Creation of Adam, but with different characters (and a beer).

The tattoo is perfectly done and finished by Emilio Izcal, from Alchemist Valley Tattoo, in Madrid, and it is a fantastic job.


5. Aesthetic Flowers Tattoo

Botanical and flower tattoos are usually among these aesthetic tattoos, and it makes all the sense.

If the flower tattoo is done like this one, well, you know, it can be on almost any list on the planet.

This artwork is done by Yeowool Tattooer, from Hongdae, in South Korea, and on their Instagram account you can see a lot of examples like this one.


6. Tiny Flowers Tattoo

Now, another flower tattoo, but this time, something very tiny, inside the micro tattoo trend.

We do like this tattoo because, even having a really small size, it has a nice detail level and, moreover, doing this fineline tattoos so small with that level of perfection is really difficult.

This tattoo is made by Vlada Benson, a woman tattoo artist working in Paris and Berlin and you should follow her right now.


7. Dark Moon Aesthetic Tattoo

And now, something different like this dark moon tattoo.

Yes, dark things can be aesthetic too if you do it in the right way, like Guille did this one!

This tattoo is 100% to extol the chest of the guy who got inked, and that is the point.

Moreover, this dark moon is very harmonic and balanced, so it is in the list.

Guille is a tattoo artist from Barcelona doing blackwork, just check his Instagram account for more.


8. Aesthetic flower leg tattoo

Yes, you are going to see a lot of botanical tattoos on this list, and it’s fine.

We do love this one because of a lot of things, but mainly.

This design is done to make the leg more and more beautiful.

Then, the work is perfectly finished.

It adapts perfectly to the leg shape, and this is not easy.

This amazing tattoo is done by Aylona Hamova, an Ukrainian woman tattoo artist based in Gyra Studio, in Munich.


9. Onion Aesthetic Tattoo

If Homer & Bender can be in an aesthetic list, why cannot an onion?

Yes, this is a nice example to show you that everything can be beautiful. An onion too.

We do like this detailed tattoo design, like in the old illustration books.

This fantastic tattoo is done by Rina, a woman tattoo artist working at Bagatelle tattoo, in Stuttgart, Germany.

Run and check her Instagram account so she can inspire you!


10. Tiny Waves Tattoo

Tiny tattoos are inside this list about aesthetic tattoos, and you may notice it.

This time we want to show you this small wave tattoo, very simple, but remarkable.

The tattoo itself is perfect if you want something minimal and good looking.

This tattoo is made by Vesna Tattoo Studio, in Prague, and they are experts in this minimal art.


11. Color Peonies in Forearm Aesthetic Tattoo

And now we have to go back to botanical tattoos one more time.

This time is a tattoo of some peonies in the forearm, and not in black and gray, just with color.

Because yes, an aesthetic tattoo can be colored too if this is for making your skin more beautiful, isn’t it?

This tattoo is made by Sonia, working for Artline Tattoo Studio, in Poznań, Poland, and you should definitely follow her.


12. Oneline portrait tattoo

This tattoo style is called “Oneline” or “Oneliner” because it has to be made with just one line, nothing more.

And, as you can see, this oneline tattoos have something unique and harmonic that we do love.

This tattoo is made by ТАТУ БОБРУЙСК from Minsk, in Belarus, and she has a lot of amazing designs in different styles in her Instagram account.


13. Bird Aesthetic Tattoo

And now, something more about realism with tons of beauty for you.

This time you can see a bird tattoo in black and gray with a lot of definition that can leave you speechless.

We know these realistic (or hyper realistic) tattoos usually are not on the aesthetic tattoos list, but hey, we are different.

The tattoo is made by Lunatyk Tattoo Studio, they have two different parlors for you, one in Berlin and another one in Warsaw.


14. Olive Branch Aesthetic Tattoo

Yes, this is inside the botanical style too, but it is something different, isn’t it?

This time, instead of leaves or flowers, you have the fruit, and a very special one.

Because yes, olives are the fruit of the olive tree, very popular in the Mediterranean area, and here you can see a realistic and beautiful tattoo of it.

This artwork is made by Amy Innocenzi, from Rome but with several guest spots in Europe, she is a botanical tattoo expert you may follow.


15. Symmetrical flowers tattoo

We always thought that symmetry is pure beauty, but this tattoo is more than that!

Yes, it is another botanical tattoo, this time in both shoulders, going down to the chest, with fineline and black and gray styles, perfectly done.

This tattoo is made by Yarina, from Kiev in Ukraine. She works all around Europe and you should follow her because she has an amazing talent.


16. Round Ankle Aesthetic Tattoo

The ankle is a perfect place to get inked, because it is hidden enough if you want to cover it, and you can show it too, but the shape is complicated if you do not have creativity.

Speaking about creativity is this tattoo surrounding the ankle with some flowers and leaves, making it a perfect design.

This tattoo is made by Diana, from Kiev, in Ukraine again. She is a medical student with a lot of different botanical tattoos in fineline. You should follow her right now.


17. Neo Genesis Evangelion Tattoo

Let’s get some anime!

Because yes, anime and Neo Genesis Evangelion can be aesthetic too. In fact, they must be aesthetic.

This character in the tattoo is Rei Ayanami, the pilot of Evangelion Unit 00, one of the icons of the anime.

This artwork is done by Lui Lopez Tattoo, based in London, and he is a manga and anime expert, sometimes with fineline like this one, sometimes in a realistic style.


18. Cute Plague Doctor Tattoo

We know Plague Doctors are not the best example of something beautiful, but this time we are here to change your mind, like the COVID did back in 2020.

Here you can see a very cute design in cartoon style for a unique tattoo.

This artwork is done by Shy Stabbz, a tattoo apprentice based in Hamilton, near Ontario, in Canada, and he is very talented, so you must follow him.


19. Flower and Planets Aesthetic Tattoo

Well, we didn’t show you a surrealistic one in the list, and this cannot be possible!

Here you can find an excepcional work with touches of surrealism, realistic style and dotwork in a botanical black and gray tattoo.

Yes, too much just to say this tattoo is amazing.

This artwork is done by Aura, a wonderful tattoo artist with tons of great tattoos at her Instagram account, she works at South City Market Tattoo Studio, in London.


20. Snake and Compass Aesthetic Tattoo

This is another example that everything can be an aesthetic tattoo if you do it properly.

Because, if you think about it, maybe a snake tattoo with something like a mix between a sun and a compass is not the idea you have in mind for something beautiful, isn’t it?

But here, AX did an awesome job, very clean, with nice definition and a lot of harmony to make it happen.

You can meet him at Hood Seven Tattoo Studio, in Hamburg, Germany.

Nice work there!


21. Hand Poke Calcifer Tattoo

Another aesthetic tattoo, this time is a calcifer, you know, the character from Howl’s Moving Castle movie from Ghibli Studio, directed by Hayao Miyazaki and, if you didn’t watch the film, now is a good time for doing it.

This Calcifer tattoo is tiny, cute, black ink and all the different requirements to be an aesthetic tattoo but, moreover, is done with stick & poke, or hand poke technique.

What is that? Is making a tattoo without a machine, only with manual methods.

This tattoo is done by Jackie Osuna, and maybe you want to try her Instagram account.


22. Mononoke Mask Tattoo

From one Ghibli Studio tattoo to another, because this kind of anime can be a fantastic idea for your aesthetic tattoo.

This time is the mask that San wears in Princess Mononoke film, yes, the main character of the movie.

The tattoo is made with a lot of dotwork and some fineline, and we think is just beautiful.

This artwork is made at Aksolotl Tattoo Studio in Warsaw, Poland.


23. Hyper Realistic Lighthouse

Let’s change focus now with something different.

As we told you before, hyper realistic tattoos can be aesthetic too. In fact, they must do it!

Here you can find a tattoo about a lighthouse with some palm trees and a plane done in black and gray ink with a lot of talent, respecting the arm shape for this work.

We do love it!

This tattoo is made by Xenija Woskressenskaja, a very talented woman tattoo artist from Belarus now in Warsaw, in Poland. She works at Stoneheads Tattoo so, if you want to get inked by Xenija, you know what to do!


24. Snake and Flower Aesthetic Tattoo

Very bold tattoo design, isn’t it?

Yes, big tattoos with bold designs can be aesthetic tattoos, as you can see.

This time this is something like a snake with a very strange flower as the head, all made in black and red ink.

This remarkable design is made by Alyona Hamova, a very talented Ukrainian woman tattoo artist, now in Germany you should follow right now.


25. Cute Ktulu-like Aesthetic Tattoo

We go back to the most traditional aesthetic tattoos with this one.

A small, black ink and cute one, like it seems to be a trend for this tattoo style.

We really don’t know much about the tattoo design or the tattoo artist, but we think it is something like a mix between a cute Cthulhu and a bird design.

Anyway, we do like it, and that is the point.

This tattoo is made by Pelinsu, a woman tattoo artist from Izmir, in Turkey.


26. Cute Cloud and Leaf Tattoo

This tattoo is made with hand poke technique and, if you remember it, hand poke is the style of tattooing without a machine, only with manual methods.

Here you can see a cloud and a plant in the ground, both very happy because it is raining.

We do like this delicate tattoo because of the design and, moreover, because it is very difficult to make these lines so perfect by hand.

Nice job!

About the tattoo artists: This is made by Loukoum, a woman tattoo artist from Lille, owner of Polka Tattoo Studio, and you should follow her.


27. Atlas Aesthetic Tattoo

This tattoo is something special too.

It is about the Atlas myth, you know, the titan who carries the world on his back, from Greek mythology (Zeus punishes him with this and Atlas is the one father of the Astronomy).

Well, we do like this tattoo because it is perfectly done with a lot of dotwork, nice definition and very clear lines (and dots), and we think this is a fantastic work from Queso Tattoo, in Bogotá, Colombia.

On his Instagram account you can see lots of fantastic designs!


28. Aesthetic Sun Tattoo

We do love this kind of very traditional designs, like they were 100 years back illustration, as this one.

This is about a sun (very recurrent in this subtrend about ancient design tattoos, in fact, we have this guide if you like sun and moon tattoos) with two hands in symmetrical position, one pointing up and the other down.

We just love it.

This tattoo is made by Kat, another talented Ukrainian tattoo artist, this time based in Squamish, British Columbia, in Canada.

You definitely may follow her. Now.


29. Butterfly in the Moon Aesthetic Tattoo

We felt something very powerful the first time we sawn this tattoo.

Is not only the idea about a butterfly in the moon, is how this tattoo is done, like magic.

We do love how the tattoo artist plays with white and black ink and all the shadowing work there.

This amazing job is done by Patti, a woman tattoo artist based in Taiwan you should follow now.


29. Butterfly in the Moon Aesthetic Tattoo

We felt something very powerful the first time we sawn this tattoo.

Is not only the idea about a butterfly in the moon, is how this tattoo is done, like magic.

We do love how the tattoo artist plays with white and black ink and all the shadowing work there.

This amazing job is done by Patti, a woman tattoo artist based in Taiwan you should follow now.


30. Cows can fly aesthetic tattoo

Yes, you always thought that cows can’t fly, but here you can find something different, right?

We do like this tattoo because the idea, unique and very original, and the way it is done, with a lot of dotwork and this line to evolve all the design.

Nice job there!

This is done by Devan, from Dark Horse Art Studio, in North Pekin, Illinois, in the US, of course.


31. Japanese Dragon Aesthetic Tattoo

We cannot leave this list without showing at least one Japanese style tattoo like this one.

You know, it is the Dragon Ball dragon made exactly like the manga/anime that everyone in the world knows, isn’t it?

This wonderful tattoo work is made by Barbara M Tattooer. She is from Guimaraes, in Portugal, she is very talented and she has wonderful aesthetic tattoos at her Instagram account so, if you want this tattoo style in your skin, Barbara may be the one.


32. Leaves tattoo in the forearm

One more botanical tattoo for you.

This time is a branch of leaves in the forearm, respecting the forearm shape, something difficult, very balanced and eye-catching.

Nice one!

The tattoo is made by Jay Jay Moon, a woman tattoo artist from Newmarket, in Ontario, Canada with a private studio, with a lot of tattoos, specially with black ink in her portfolio.


33. Woman portrait and more!

We do like this tattoo because it is something between a one line tattoo with something more, and the design with the woman portrait with butterflies, flowers and a hummingbird is just remarkable and is 100% in aesthetic style.

Moreover, this tattoo work is made by La María Tattoo, from Santiago de Chile but traveling all around the world. Maria only ink women and, attending how is the situation in Chile with this, it is a fantastic idea.

Nice one, Maria!


34. Jewelry Aesthetic Tattoo

Well, let’s move on.

Inside geometrical tattoo style it is something called ornamental tattoo and, inside that, a substyle called jewelry tattoo.

The tattoo in the photo perfectly represents this style.

It is like a jewel in your skin, with ornamentation and in a symmetrical way, and it is just beautiful.

This tattoo is made by Alyona Medeneva, from Kiev, in Ukraine, and she is really talented with a magnificent aesthetic tattoo portfolio.


35. Aesthetic Cat Tattoo

It doesn’t matter how or when, a cat tattoo is always fantastic 🙂

This time you can see a black cat tattoo resting in some flowers in a delicate position.

We do like it because it is not usual to get aesthetic color tattoos, and this is a nice example of that.

The tattoo is made by Anna Pijanowska, working at Golden Rose Tattoo in Poland, and we think this work is fantastic.


36. Aesthetic Dragonfly Tattoo

And, from one animal to another: This is dragonfly time.

This tattoo represents a perfect and aesthetic tattoo, because it extols the shape of the body, its beautiful itself, very delicate and with a lot of harmony.

Moreover, we do like the geometrical pattern in the dragonfly body and the way the wings are made.

Nice job!

The tattoo is made by Black Bird Dotwork, in Krakow, Poland, with a fantastic aesthetic portfolio too!

aesthetic flower buddy tattoo mihyno

37. Flower Buddy Tattoo

Something different now, talking about style and about design too.

This time we have a not so delicate style with thick lines, maybe the first one in the list and, moreover, the tattoo design is something like a bear buddy, but with a flower head.

A little bit odd, a ton of personality.

This tattoo is made by Mihyno, from Slovakia, and you should follow him!


38. Aesthetic flowers in shoulder tattoo

Another delicate botanical tattoo for you!

This time it starts in the chest to the shoulder, it is really delicate and we think it represents what an aesthetic tattoo is.

We do like de fineline work and the dotwork, giving the tattoo a lot of personality.

The tattoo is made by April Julia, a talented woman tattoo artist from Poznań, Poland.


39. Themis and the justice tattoo

Impressive tattoo, isn’t it?

Yes, this is not a simple tattoo, it is more related to realism style, but realistic tattoos can be aesthetic too.

The tattoo represents Themis, the Greek goddess for justice and equity.

This magnificent design is done by Pedro Leocorny, a fantastic tattoo artist from Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil that you must follow.


40. Artemis Realistic Tattoo

Another realistic style, this time with some illustration too is this one, quite impressive too.

This time is Artemis, the Greek goddess for hunting, wild animals, virgin territories, birth and the one who relieves women from their diseases.

The tattoo is made by María Fernández, an amazing fine line tattoo artist based in Hamburg, in Germany, and you should follow her because she is a real tattoo master.

We do hope you enjoyed that guide and, if you want, you can leave us a comment or share this content in the Social Media.

Thanks for your support!

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