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Sun and Moon Tattoos: Tons of designs for you!

Today we want to show you not one, but three of the most maintained trends in the tattoo industry all over the world.

Yes, we are talking about sun tattoos, moon tattoos and sun and moon ones.

In this article you are going to find:

Table of Contents

Sun, Moon and Sun & Moon tattoos meanings

Yes, we know you are here to get inspired and see a lot of different tattoo designs, but don’t worry, we only want to tell you a few lines about the main meaning of every one of the 3 kinds of tattoos we are going to show just after.

Sun Tattoo meaning

First, the Sun.

The Sun in almost every part of the world is life, the bright, and even god.

From ancient Egypt to Christians, the sun always is related to a god, from Ra, the creator of the world for this ancient Egypt, to Jesus in the Christian faith.

Moreover, in Asia the sun is usually a symbol for the man, the right part of the body and the positive (always speaking in terms of positive and negative concepts in Taoism, not in the Western Way).

Moon Tattoo meaning

If we speak about the moon, you are right, it is quite opposite of the sun, in every way.

For example, the moon is related with fertility and, of course, with the night, the dark and the wisdom.

Back in Asia, the moon is related with the left side of the body, with the flexibility, with the woman and with the negative concept (again, in the Asian concept).

You may know that in Taoism it is said something like “the weak always beats the strong”, so flexibility is even more important than being strong.

And, almost every culture in the world had felt amazed by the moon like something unknown and unfathomable.

Sun and Moon Tattoo meaning

Well, Sun and Moon Tattoos in the same design is about having the two different sides of the same coin, the positive and the negative, the male and the woman, the light and the dark.

In Taoism this line between these two concepts (or energies) is called “The line of life”.

So, it is a nice concept to get inked too, isn’t it?

And now, let’s get some Sun and Moon Tattoo designs

As I told you before, first we are going to show you some Sun tattoo designs, then moon tattoos and, last but not least, sun and moon ones.

Sun Tattoo Designs

Here you can find a ton of Sun Tattoos for you, enjoy!


1. Sun tattoo Arabic Calligraphy

The first Sun tattoo we want to show you is this simple but effective and nice finished tattoo.

Simple lines with Arabic calligraphy to say “Always on my mind”.

We think it is a nice way to start, isn’t it?

This tattoo is made by Faisal Al-ami, from Tattoo Sal Studio in Dallas, Texas, and you can find some more nice tattoos on his Instagram account.


2. Sun and Cloud Arm Tattoo

The second one is another simple and effective tattoo.

In this case, a sun and a cloud all in black ink, in an illustrative style.

We don’t know if you realized that: The sun has no circle line, is all done with the different sunlights, and we do like this point!

This sun and cloud tattoo is made by Paskualina, she is the owner of Ink Toxicated Tattoo (fantastic studio name there!) and you can see a lot of black ink with linework tattoos on her Instagram account, take a look.


3. Classic Sun Arm Tattoo

Staying in the most classicals Sun Tattoos here you can find another nice example.

This sun tattoo reminds the classical illustration from the classical movies back in the beginning of 1900’s.

And we do love this aesthetic, just for you to know.

The tattoo was done by 3 Dark Wolves, from Tampa, Florida.


4. Sun and Flowers leg Tattoo

Here you can find a sun with some flowers, all made in black ink with illustration style, in the upper leg.

As you can see, the design is very balanced and it adapts perfectly to this part of the body, so maybe it can inspire you.

The tattoo is very clean, nice linework and the details of the flowers are fantastic.

This nice job is done by The Marked Sparrow Tattoo, from Sarver, Pennsylvania.


5. Sun and beach Arm Tattoo

And now, another tattoo with the Sun as the main character, but maybe happier and less deep, because all we need is some fun.

Here is a Sun tattoo with the sea, some palm trees and a couple of seagulls.

We do like the two lines detail just in the upper and lower part of the tattoo, giving the design another interesting point.

The tattoo is done by Aeternum Ink & Art, in Warsaw, Poland, and they have some very interesting illustration designs, just check their Instagram account for more.


6. Another Sun illustration tattoo

Another Sun tattoo made in a classical style is what you can see just near these lines.

This time is a sleeping sun, very balanced design and very adapted to the shoulder shape.

As the other was, very close to the designs of the classical illustration that was a trend about 100 years ago.

This nice job was made by Izzy Ink, from Dougas, on the Isle of Man, a small island just between Ireland and Great Britain.


7. Sun dancer tattoo

Now, another different design for you. You can see a very special sun dancer tattoo.

This time is not only for the tattoo itself, it is for the style too.

This tattoo was made using hand poke style, so it is just manual, not with a tattoo machine.

The tattoo artist, Yolly, has her own personal design like her own personal brand, and we do love it and, if you want to visit her to get inked, she is in Brighton, in the UK.


8. Big sun shoulder tattoo

Something different now, isn’t it?

This sun is between abstract art with the text near the hand and it is a very bold design.

Thick lines, take a view of the blurry detail of the sun circle, and we do like the long sunlight from the shoulder to the wrist.

This tattoo was made by Loz KeyStone, from London but with several guest spots around Europe.


9. Sun and mountain Color tattoo

Maybe you didn’t realize, but we already showed you 8 tattoo designs and all of them were colorless.

Yes, it is not usual to get inked with a sun tattoo with color, but sometimes it’s worth it, like in this example.

Here you can see a sun and a mountain with some trees with a fantastic result.

Moreover, this is a coverup tattoo, so it is covering an old poor tattoo design.

This spectacular job was made by Ana Pink Tattoo, a woman tattoo artist from Studio 11:11 in Skopje, Northern Macedonia.


10. Sun back tattoo with more symbols

And now, another classical sun tattoo concept, this time, in the spine.

One nice idea to get inked is to spread some symbols for your spine, from top to back.

These kinds of designs usually are well balanced and nice looking.

From up to down you can see here a lotus, connection, direction, the sun, Pisces symbol, peace sigil, home and fleur de lis.

This tattoo was made by Octavianus Bramantha.

Moon Tattoos

Now it’s time for some moon tattoos:


1. Moon and bramble tattoo

The first moon tattoo we want to show you is this one.

Just a nice illustration about a decrescent moon with some bramble, all made in black ink and in a realistic style, but very balanced and with a lot of harmony, just the way we do love.

This tattoo is made by Yuppie, a tattoo artist from Seoul, in South Korea with really nice realistic tattoos on the Instagram account you should check.


2. Moon and boy Tattoo

Secondly, another moon tattoo with some more, another time in illustration and in a realistic style, but perfectly done.

This time you can see the moon and a boy staring at it, all with a gentle design and a nice finish.

Look at the dotwork of the moon itself.

The tattoo is done by Ihk, a tattoo artist from Hong Kong, but based in London.


3. Moon and birdsTattoo

Now, another gentle tattoo from the moon with more elements.

This time you can see the moon itself with some flowers, leaves and three birds hanging.

A nice way to have a nice tattoo, isn’t it?

This work is made by Hazzol Talavera, and she has interesting tattoos on her Instagram account, specially the flowers and ornamental ones.


4. Moon, hands and eye Tattoo

Yes, this is a moon tattoo too! Just look up and right in the picture.

We want to show you this tattoo because of a few things.

First, the tattoo is perfectly done, of course.

Then, the dotwork in the hands and the moon is fantastic, and we think it can inspire you.

And then, the geometric pattern and the central element (the eye) give the design something odd (in the nicest way) and mystery, and we love it.

This tattoo is made by Darla Wendel, in Elizabeth St. (so we may think she is in New York).


5. The Moon tarot card Tattoo

And, in fourth place, we want to show you a tattoo of the moon, but the tarot card.

You know, the moon is very related with the unknown and the darkness, and the tarot drinks a lot of this kind of mystery.

So, you can see here a nice moon tarot card tattoo made with illustration style with all the lines with a fantastic definition.

This artwork is done by Sabrina Dennis, she is a tattoo artist working at West Side Studios, in Colorado Springs, of course, in Colorado, US.


6. Pink Moon Tattoo

It’s time for a pink (or purple, we really don’t know) moon tattoo.

And yes, one more time, moon tattoos tend to be colorless but, what do you think about this?

You can see the moon with a nice definition and a geometrical pattern, a delicate complete design perfectly done.

This tattoo is done by R.O.S. from Butan, in South Korea, and you can find some amazing tattoos on the Instagram account.

Nice job!


7. Moon and flowers color tattoo

Another color tattoo about the moon, but completely different, because we want to show you different options.

Now you can see a moon, we can say something like “looking down” but, inside the moon design you can see a fantastic flower pattern full of color.

Moreover, the flowers have a fantastic definition and the lines are very clean and delicate.

This fantastic job is done by Chara Kiriakidou, from Greece, and you should follow her right now.


8. Moon Phases Tattoo

Another sub trend just inside Moon tattoos is the one who represents the moon’s phases.

This kind of evolutive tattoos are a thing, because the design adapts perfectly to the arm, leg or back, and, if the tattoo artist is good enough, the tattoo is just awesome.

This tattoo is made by Pablo Shavn, from Melbourne, in Australia, of course.


9. Another Abstract Moon Tattoo

The first moon tattoo we show you was an abstract one, and here you can find another with some abstract just around the moon.

We do like this one because we do love abstract tattoos (that’s obvious), and we think this mix of brush strokes, square and the moon is very aesthetic.

This tattoo is made by Tattoo Cafe Once, we think somewhere over South Korea (we think in Seoul).


10. Moon and woman abstract tattoo

Another thing we do like are the tattoo artists who have their own personal tattoo style, so you can know a tattoo is made by her/him in just 1 second.

This is the case of this tattoo, with a fantastic and very remarkable style, between abstract and illustration.

This woman and moon tattoo is made by Dario, from Rome, and he has a lot of examples on his Instagram account.

Sun and Moon Tattoos

And, finally, tattoos made with the sun and the moon on the same design, let’s go!


1. Sun and Moon Illustration Tattoo

The first tattoo design with a sun and a moon is something classical but cute.

The sun in one arm, the moon in the other, both made with an illustration style very old-fashioned (in the best way, maybe we should use “vintage”) illustration, like the movies 100 years back.

And we love it.

This tattoo is made by Erina, from Trueno Tattoo, from Guildford, in British Columbia, Canada, nice one!


2. Sun and Moon shoulder tattoo

And, from one simple to another with a lot of ornamentation.

Now you can see a shoulder tattoo with a sun in the middle and a moon just in the left side, all in black ink with a lot of different elements like clouds, integrating this design with others just below.

This tattoo is perfectly done by High Water Tattoo, a private tattoo studio from Hallowell, in Maine.

Nice job there!


3. Sun and Moon One Line Tattoo

If you are not very aware of different tattoo styles maybe you think this tattoo is a little odd, but don’t worry because we want to tell you more.

This tattoo is inside a tattoo style called One Line Tattoos and, as you can imagine, these are tattoos made only using one single line.

In this case, the sun has only one line, and the moon, another one.

This is done by Sammi, from Inky Paperclip, in New York City, US.


4. Sun and Moon Kissing Tattoo

Let’s put some love in that list!

Now you can see a tattoo of the Sun and the moon kissing one another with tons of love.

This kind of concept is perfect because, you know, the positive and the negative, the man and the woman concept, the good and the bad and… moreover, the line of life we told you at the beginning of this article.

This work is done by Angela, from Tupelo, in Mississippi, nice work!


5. Moon and Sun Leg Tattoos

And now, another maybe more classical, another time with illustration style but perfectly done.

At the left leg, the moon, and, at the right one, the Sun, respecting the principles of symbology.

We do love this tattoo because we do love Katarzyna Kowalicka designs, very recognizable and eye-catching, as usual.

Of course, you should follow her.

If you want to visit her, her tattoo studio is at Zielona Góra, Poland.


6. Sun, Moon, and Mushrooms tattoo

Yes, Sun, Moon and Mushrooms tattoo, why not?

This tattoo design is, of course, very personal but we do love it because the result is very balanced and unique, and that is the point.

The work is very clean and has very nice lines, and we are sure this tattoo is going to have some people staring at it.

The tattoo is made by Cruella, somewhere over Virgina, in the US.


7. Sun and moon in a shake Tattoo

Another nice design is this one, with the sun and the moon represented inside a Japanese shake (this string is fully recognizable).

We do like the symbolism and the tattoo design, between the old movies from 100 years ago and the Neo Traditional Style.

This nice job is done by Olivia, she works at Evermore Tattoo Parlour, in the UK, and you should follow her.


8. Sun and Moon Scale Tattoo

And another good concept for you.

This tattoo is of a sun and a moon in a scale, like it you were balancing them.

The concept can be as deep as you want, but the design is simple and truly effective.

This tattoo is made by Lucy Valentina Tattoo, from London, and we can prove she has a wonderful tattoo style you should follow.


9. Sun and Moon Kitten Tattoo

Yes, you are right.

This is two kittens in a sun and moon tattoo, isn’t it?

Well, we have to show you this because of a couple of things:

First one: it is a cat tattoo and we love cats!

Secondly, and more important, the idea is fantastic, we mean it. And, the result, with this white ink and the cartoon style, is perfect.

Very nice job for Foxx.Teeth, from The Hideaway Tattoo Studio, in the UK.


10. Sun and Moon Geometrical Style

We don’t show you any geometrical tattoo for these Sun and Moon tattoos, and it’s our fault.

Here you can see a perfect geometrical design with the moon in the main part of the design and the sun just below.

We do like the way the pattern is done, as the symbols, all lines are very clear and perfectly aligned.

This fantastic job is done by Ivan Wang, from DearTattoo, in Hong Kong.

Nice one!

FAQ's about Sun and Moon tattoos

The moon is always related with the wisdom, the underworld, the dark and the femenine part of all of us.

It depends 100% on you, you can get ink by half crescent or decrescent moon, or even the phases, but the symbology is up to your mind.

Yes and no. They are feminine because the moon usually symbolizes the woman, but not the person, just the concept. And everyone of us has a femenine and a masculine part.

The sun usually symbolizes the light, the right, the power and even god. And usually it is related to the masculine part.

Why could a sun tattoo be offensive? Not at all. Period.

All the tattoos with the Sun and the moon are related with the positive and the negative, the good and the evil, because life is between these two energies.

The sun usually symbolizes the light, the right, the power and even god. And usually it is related to the masculine part.

We hope this list inspire you, please, tell us something in the comment section!

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