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I think that everyone here has a picture in the head about what the Cartoon Style Tattoo can be, isn’t it?

But, you know, sometimes it is very difficult to put words to that image, and we are going to try to make it happen!

Because of this, we want to show you this guide about cartoon tattoo, here you can find:

Here we go!

Table of Contents


The Powerpuff Girls Cartoon Tattoo

This can be a very nice example about what a Cartoon Style Tattoo can be.

It has a reference about a TV show set back in the late 90’s and in the beginning of the 00’s.

It has very bold and thick lines.

It has vibrant and bright colors.

And it’s done by a fantastic tattoo artist.

So, this tattoo has everything to be perfect!

The tattoo itself is done by Roxy Ryder, a fantastic Kawaii cartoon tattooer working at Unlucky Alien Studio, in Manchester, UK, and we do think you should follow her, now.

What is Cartoon Tattoo Style

In the TV, in comics, newspapers, in films and almost in every part of your life there is some space for cartoon art.

This kind of drawing has a very focused style and this art style has been in our brains since our first years, isn’t it?

Well, Cartoon Tattoo Style is to pick these cartoon drawings and ink them in your skin, nothing more, nothing less.

Main Guidelines for a Cartoon Tattoo

Here you can find the most important guidelines for a cartoon tattoo:

Maybe the first one: The lines must be bold and thick to define really fine the outlines of the tattoo design.

Usually these lines are in black, but it depends on the design, because the possibilities are endless.

If you talk about the very classical cartoons, they are almost always with very saturated colors, vibrant and bright, isn’t it?

If you want to achieve this classical aspect, you need to saturate the color in your skin as much as you can, and this is really difficult in a tattoo.

Always talking about classical cartoons, because modern ones can be very detailed, you need to simplify the complex shapes into something more organic, curved and simple.

Think about the first Mickey Mouses and you have the key here.

If you have a cartoon in your head, we can bet this drawing has bigger eyes, mouth, and head than in real life, isn’t it?

Then, depending on the drawing itself, can be very large legs, or very short, etc, but the point here is the next one:

Classical cartoons exaggerate body proportions.

Our first show on TV was about cartoons and, until we are 10 (or 15) years old, is the only thing we watch on TV and in our books.

So, your brain is filled with tons of references about pop culture of your childhood with cartoons again and again.

You just have to pick the most specials for you, and make it happen!

Cartoons usually tell us a story, so you can always do some storytelling with your cartoon tattoo too.

And, if you think about it, it has all the sense, isn’t it?

This is not a guideline but a piece of advice.

Please, if you want to get inked with a cartoon tattoo, do a deep search about the tattoo artist near you and pick someone who masters Cartoon Tattoo Style.

Maybe it is more expensive sometimes, but it is worth every dollar.

Some Cartoon Tattoo Designs for you!

And now, here you can find a lot of different Cartoon Tattoo designs for you:


Mike Wazosky Cartoon Tattoo

Is there a single person on earth who didn’t watch Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc.”?

Well, there is another very strong reference, isn’t it?

Again, thick bold lines perfectly done with bright colors, and you may have a look at the background, of course.

We do like some details about this design style, because it is somehow between cartoon and sketch styles, and we do love it.

The tattoo is done by Marta Pari, owner of Poison Tattoo, in Brescia, Italy, and we can say she is just a master of this tattoo style, because she does not ink people, she makes art.


Littlefoot Dinosaur Cartoon Tattoo

Just a few clues:

The character’s name is Little foot, and this is from “The Land Before Time” movie, back in 1988, produced by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

We do love this tattoo because it has all the guidelines for being a wonderful cartoon tattoo, but, if you see it properly, it is mixed with another tattoo style called Stained Glass, you know, like the old churches and cathedrals.

This piece of work is done by Cynthia Finch, owner of Dark Mark Tattoo, in Keene, New Hampsire, and we can say every tattoo she inks it is amazing.


Homer Gangster Cartoon Tattoo

If there is on earth a cartoon series known all over the world is The Simpsons, isn’t it?

And, as you may see, you can do almost everything with a cartoon tattoo about all The Simpsons characters, as you can see here.

This tattoo is done by Canti, an spectacular tattoo artist based in New York doing something like a fusion between cartoons and more things.

You should follow the Instagram account, you know.


Cartoon Tattoo Sleeve The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another very classic cartoon movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas, you know, the film from Tim Burton back in 1993 (30 years ago!).

As you can see here, this cartoon tattoo sleeve is about one of the main characters of the film, Jack, all done with a fantastic thick line and bright colors.

We do like the outline in white lines too, so the main parts of the composition (Jack and the pumpkin) are even stronger.

This tattoo is made by Marta Pari, owner of Poison Tattoo Studio in Brescia, Italy.


Super Mario Small Cartoon Tattoo

Another icon in pop culture like Super Mario can be inked too, of course.

Here you can see an amazing work between cartoon style and realism, with two different phases.

Mario’s feet are in pixels, and even one leg.

The rest of the body, more realistic but with thick bold lines.

The composition, just perfect!

The tattoo is done by Dani Sanz, a wonderful tattoo artist from Madrid, in Spain, focused on surrealism in black and gray ink.


Tom Cat Cartoon Tattoo

You can do plenty of nice things in cartoon tattoo style, like this Tom&Jerry design.

As you can see, this small tattoo is about one “baby Tom” cat, colorful, and very angry, like in the TV show.

And we think it is cute and fantastic.

The tattoo is done by Tattooist Pooh, another fantastic tattoo artist working in the US and Korea you should follow. Now.


Cartoon Ghost Tattoo

We do love this mix, and we do hope you do too.

A ghost is always a nice cartoon tattoo but, if you do something like this, it is just another story.

Technically speaking, you can see the classical ghost tattoo with bold lines and simple design, but then you have this very 70’s color design, like in the old tshirts, and the final result is fantastic.

This tattoo is done by Whitney Caskey, part of Artemis Tattoo Collective and based in Ruston, Louisiana.

We can say she is a complete artist, and you can search for her illustration style tattoos, we mean it.


Cartoon Bee Tattoo

This time, let’s move on into something more cute an sweet, like this small bee tattoo in cartoon style.

As you can see, this is just between cartoon and kawaii styles, because of the proportions of the bee.

Moreover, there is one flower, in a very elegant cartoon style.

We do like the color mix of the bee, and the detail level of wings and the flower, just a perfect work.

This tattoo is done by Greta Morks, co-owner of Luna Private Tattoo Studio, in Bologna, Italy, and another Instagram account to follow!


Dark Teletubbies Cartoon Tattoo

Cartoon tattoos are a nice tattoo style to make some mixes and turn into something completely different that the first impression.

And you can see something like that in this tattoo.

You know, a Teletubbies cartoon tattoo in your mind is something cute and for babies, but, this is something darker.

Here the mix is with a chainsaw and some creepy symbols (and faces), but all in a 100% cartoon style, with bright colors.

And we do love it.

This tattoo is done by Rubén Cao, from Valencia, in Spain. A tattoo artist working at La Tinta Que Habito, and we can say he is focused on something like American Traditional Tattoo but with a mix between this and New Trad.


Tasmanian Devil Cartoon Tattoo

Is there someone in the world who doesn’t know about Tasmanian Devil cartoons?

We do hope not.

Here you can see a Tasmanian Devil Cartoon Tattoo in the classical pose, you know, like a whirlwind running to destroy something.

We do like this design because it is a very nice example of what a cartoon tattoo is, you know, nice bold lines, and a good color palette.

This nice work is done by Büşra Yıldırım Yuki, working at Katvice Tattoo, in Izmir, Turkey, and she has a lot of botanical tattoos on her Instagram account. Just go for it.


Stitch and Toothless Cartoon Tattoo

Another cartoon film almost every child has watched is Stitch and Toothless, and you can do a lot of nice tattoos with that concept.

Here we want to feature a spooky Stitch, with Jack, from The Nightmare Before Christmas film costume, and we do love it.

As you can see, 100% cartoon style, very cute and fantastic linework.

This tattoo is done by Sandra Narváez, a fantastic tattoo artist based in Madrid, at La Mujer Barbuda Tattoo Shop and, if you like cartoon tattoos, you should follow her.


Goofy Cartoon Tattoo

Let’s move on into Disney’s classic again with this Goofy tattoo.

This time, made in 100% classical cartoon tattoo style.

Perfect linework, perfect color palette, and a rose detail for being one of the cutest tattoos ever.

This tattoo is done by Chelsea Matthews, working at Black Moon Tattoo Studio in Liverpool, the UK.

We can say Chelsea’s artwork is astonishing, with a lot of nice works in different tattoo styles, from illustration to more abstract ones.


Broccoli Cartoon Tattoo

Yes, a broccoli tattoo in a guide about cartoon tattoo style.

Everything is correct here.

And, as you can see, it is possible to make art with a piece of broccoli, so your mom was right.

This amazing tattoo design is mixing the cartoon tattoo style with a really perfect linework, very bold and focused, an incredible green color palette and, moreover, the mouth detail in hyper realism style.

This is not a tattoo, this is art.

This tattoo is made by Josh Peacock, from the UK.


90’s cartoon tattoo mix

This brutal mixup between SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, the Faceless from Studio Ghibli and Calcifer is maybe the best thing you are going to see today. 

Moreover, the finish of all the characters is perfect and we do love it, moreover, in microrealism style.

It is just perfect.

This wonderful job is done by What I Did Tattoo, from Seongsu, in Seoul, and you may follow them.


Rilakkuma Cartoon Tattoo

And here you can see a classical Rilakkuma tattoo, you know, the Japanese character focused on sleeping and eating.

That is life.

In this tattoo, Rilakkuma is like sweating, something very difficult to a bear, you know, and we think it is a perfect example of something simple, cute, and perfectly done.

This tattoo is done by Ginger Pennington, a wonderful tattoo artist based in cartoon and anime tattoos, very talented, based in San Diego, in California.

We do hope you have enjoyed this cartoon tattoo guide, and we hope you see you soon again!

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