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Haida Tattoo

I can tell you at Ink Happened we all love all the tattoo styles that come from tribal culture around the globe, and Haida is really special.

Haida tattoo, as Haida art is bold, colorful, with thick lines and with a spiritual connection with nature.

And we do love it.

On the guide, we are going to tell you more about Haida people, their art, tattoos are some Haida tattoo ideas.

We hope you enjoy it.


Haida Eagle Tattoo

Here you can see a Haida eagle tattoo.

The tattoo is made on an arm, and it’s really difficult because the shape that have to adapt the design.

As you can see, Haida tattoos are very bold and remarkable.

This tattoo is made by Patrick Bell, from British Columbia, in Canada, and it’s fantastic!

A little bit more about Haida people

Haida people lives in British Columbia, in Canada, and in this tribal nation are Kaigani too, who live in Alaska.

As all the people in the far North, there are not many of them, but they are brave and bold, with a lot of special stuff around their culture and art.

Nowadays there are only about 11.000 Haidas in the world, but they had been on the same territory for 19.000 years.

Juan Pérez, a Spanish explorer, was the first European who contacted Haida people back in 1774.

Now, kind of 100 people are Haida native speakers, so you can make your idea about how in risk is this language.

What about Haida Art?

As we told before, Haida people are bold and brave, connected with nature and with the spirits, and all of this is present at Haida Art.

Haida traditional art have only 3 colors:

Nothing more, and the designs are thick lines, with bold color.

Yes, kind of colorful.

They used to wear transformation masks ceremonially by dancers, who tried to connect with the animal, or its spirit, on the mask, so the ideas of metamorphosis or reincarnation have a lot of meaning for this culture.

Death in battle was an honorable death, so the warriors go to the House of Sun, so the chiefs of the warriors usually have special suits made just in case they fall in battle.

Historically Haida people used up to 70 crest figures, now only 20 are used.


Haida Sun Tattoo

Another very typical Haida tattoo is the sun, like this one.

Is another tattoo at the arm, not very big, but not bad!

One more time, black and red color.

The tattoo artist is Bigdaddy Jhon Eusebio, and you should know more about him!

Haida Tattoo, all the things you should know

If you like to ink a Haida Tattoo, the first thing we have to tell you is: Fantastic idea!

Haida tattoos are a fantastic piece to tattoo because they are a truly special thing.

But, before you make something, we have to tell you more about them:

The meaning of the Haida Tattoos

We told you there are more than 70 crest figures in traditional Haida culture, but now only 20 are used.

Ok, here are the Top10 ones:

Is the first one because for Haida people the raven is the Creator and the Transformer.

For Haida culture, the Raven stole the light to give it to the world. The raven symbolizes the lightness of being.

For Haida people, the eagle is the spiritual guide, so it symbolizes your connection with the spirits.

The meanings are strength, courage, healing and loyalty.

Is considered as a pathfinder, and it symbolizes the family, teamwork, your commitment with the community, honor, etc.

Is the protector of the earth.

For Haida people, the moon does govern your emotions and watches you so, as the wolf, has a lot about spiritual guidance.

For Haida people, the hummingbird is the messenger between the human and spiritual world, and it symbolizes the health, as well as the fragility of nature.

Has power over life and death and is a symbol of power and is always welcomed.

Bear has human quality, teaches the legends and dances, so it’s the symbol of knowledge too.

It has a connection with the wolf, but in the sea.

Is a symbol of strength, power and persistence, but peace and grace too.

It represents family, wisdom, and joy of life.

It’s considered as a good luck symbol, and symbolizes innocence, stability and the voice of the people.

For Haida people is considered the builder, and it symbolizes creativity, determination, and hard work.

This animal is the main provider of food for animals and for Haida people, so it represents abundance and fertility. If you see two salmons like a circle, it represents the cycle of life.

Where do I get a Haida tattoo?

Well, Haida Tattoo are thick lines with ornamental inside, so you need some space to keep one design pretty.

We do not recommend a small Haida tattoo, because you cannot see the details in that way.

For this, it’s very common to tattoo Haida symbols on the back, chest or shoulders, but always big.

Some Haida tattoo ideas

On this guide you saw some Haida tattoo ideas, but you can find here some more:


Bear and beaver Haida tattoo

The tattoo right here is a bear and a beaver in the same tattoo.

One more time, only black and red ink is in the tattoo and, as you can see, it has a pretty big size, isn’t it?

The tattoo is made by Milena, at Ottawa, in Canada, and we think it represents a lot of Haida style.


Totem Haida tattoo

You can see here an awesome Haida tattoo.

Several animals on a totem style, with the traditional colors, and on a traditional (and very bold) way.

The space you need for this kind of tattoo is huge, but the result is fantastic.


Killer Whale Haida tattoo

Here you can find a Haida tattoo about the killer whale, entirely on a shoulder.

We love this tattoo because the thick lines and blackwork, and we think it has a lot of personality.

Moreover, the red ink makes the tattoo more remarkable even.

The tattoo artist is Masaru Slang Style Tattoo, from Japan, and he made a good work.


Eagle Haida tattoo

Another Haida eagle, this time a shoulder tattoo, but big and bold as usual.

We like this one because we think it represents Haida style in a fantastic way.

Moreover, the tattoo artist, Francesco Scarpellini did this design by freehand method.

Awesome work!


Mixed Whale Haida tattoo

What do you think about this tattoo?

Interesting, isn’t it?

Here you got a mix between a Haida and a realistic tattoo, about a whale.

We think the mix is remarkable, and it’s tattoo artist, Dynamic Studio Kelowna, in Canada did an awesome work here.


Raven Haida tattoo

As we told before, the raven is the Creator and the Transformer, and here is an example of a raven inked on a side leg.

The size is quite big and the design is perfecto for Haida design, with thick lines and intricated design.

The tattoo artist is Eleven, from Amsterdam, in Holland, and we think you should visit their Instagram.

Some FAQs about Haida Tattoo

Haida is a culture in British Columbia an Alaska of Native American people, they have an unique style to represent the world.

It depends on the tattoo itself. Mainly they symbolize animals or nature things, but always with a deep meaning.

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