Kelly Doty, much more than Ink Master

4.5/5 – (2 votes) Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on reddit Share on email Share on pinterest Something about me In this profile article we want you to know one of the most visible female tattoo artists on earth. Her name is Kelly Doty and we do love their remarkable artwork. First, speaking about her art, Kelly Doty’s style is just amazing, and you are going to recognize

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Luis Cabezas: Tiger Vs. Hawk Japanese Style

4.6/5 – (5 votes) Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on reddit Share on email Share on pinterest Something about me Got my first tattoo at 50 years old. Lol. Wanted to do something big for my 50 th birthday. My back piece is a Japanese style tattoo of a tiger and hawk signifying strength and courage. Just scroll to see all the photos! Tattoo done by Nicolas Gualteros

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Tattoo Aftercare: The guide you were looking for

5/5 – (1 vote) If you are reading this is because you are probably getting your first tattoo, isn’t it? Don’t worry, tattoo aftercare is easier than you may think right now, just some steps you should follow and your tattoo is going to look great. On this article we are going to tell you about: Tips before getting a tattoo. The routine for the first 30 days. Some do’s

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Tattoo Cost Calculator, something you have to try!

3.6/5 – (9 votes) We know trying to estimate the cost of a tattoo is really a thing, and, for this, we have created a simple tattoo cost calculator to make your life easier. To estimate the cost, you just need to select in the calculator: One country on the list. If the tattoo is black and grey or colored. The size. The detail level. The tattoo artist experience. And

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Interview with Lucy O’Connell, one of the greatest from Leeds

5/5 – (2 votes) Today we have another interesting interview, this time, with Lucy O’Connell, from Leeds. For us, she is one of the greatest tattoo artists in the UK. In fact, we do love her artwork, with tons of personality and definition and her opinion is really important for us. On this interview you have the opportunity to know Lucy a little bit more, because we talked with her

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How is tattoing in South Africa? Talking with Embla Holm

4.1/5 – (10 votes) Today we talk with Embla Holm. She is a woman tattoo artist from South Africa. She is passionate, direct, and we don’t know if we love more her tattoo artwork or her personality. And that’s a thing, we are sure of that! We have talked with Embla about the tattoo situation in South Africa, and we are completely sure that you are going to enjoy a lot

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