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Tattoo Aftercare: The guide you were looking for

If you are reading this is because you are probably getting your first tattoo, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, tattoo aftercare is easier than you may think right now, just some steps you should follow and your tattoo is going to look great.

On this article we are going to tell you about:

Some tips before getting a tattoo

Well, getting a tattoo is getting some needles puncturing your skin about 3.000 times per minute.

And that is going to create a kind of trauma in your skin.

So you must follow this 5 tips to prepare your skin for this:

No alcohol or drugs before (or during, of course) the session.

Alcohol and other drugs are vasodilator, so you are going to bleed more and heal worse. Don’t do it.

Keeping yourself hydrated is the main point with a lot of skin issues, and, if you want to prepare for a tattoo session, you may drink a lot.

Your skin is going to get a trauma, so you need to eat well to have enough energy to repair all the little wounds the needles are going to do.

If the session is for hours, you may eat something in the middle.

We know sometimes it’s difficult because we are all busy people, but you need to rest well the night before the session.

Finally, it’s very important to being relaxed. If you are stressed, your skin is going to suffer more (and your muscles too), so you are going to have more pain.

Some fresh and healed tattoo examples

The aftercare routine from day 1 to day 30 when you get a tattoo

There are mainly 4 different steps getting a tattoo:

First day:

The first day is very important to do everything right, but the next 30 are important too.

If the tattoo artist put some film in your tattoo is ok, but you need to retire it in 1 or 2 hours maximum.

If the tattoo artist put a bandage, maybe you can go up to 6 hours, but not more.

Maybe this is a little odd, but your tattoo needs to breath and to be with some fresh air to heal properly.

Then, in the first day, you need to wash the tattoo about 2 or 3 times, always with a neutral soap, with a gentle massage with your hand (it is better if you do not use sponges or things like this).

You should do circle movements and keep it easy.

Then, just put some warm water (not hot, or it’s going to hurt).

To dry, you can use a soft towel, but be gentle and to not rub it, just apply.

Once the tattoo is dry, put some balsam on it and let it free with no sun exposure.

Days 2 to 5:

First day maybe is the hardest one because you need to keep the routine in mind, but from day 2 to 5 it is nearly the same.

You only need to wash your tattoo once or twice by day, again with warm water and neutral soap, and put some balm on it 4 or 5 times a day.

Again, uncover the tattoo all the time you can, and avoid sun exposure.

Day 6 to 15:

Someday, usually between day 5 and day 8 the scrabs are going to appear.

Then, these scabs are going to be more and more itchy, but have some patience, because this is going to happen for only a few days.

Here the important thing is not scratching the scabs, doesn’t matter you itchy they are.

Again, wash the tattoo once by day and put balm on it a couple of times a day (or more if you need it).

Day 15 to 30:

From day 15 to 30 you need to keep the skin hydrated and was normally, and the tattoo is going to be 100% healed so, up to day 30, you can do a normal life.

Things you should know, dos and don’ts about tattoo aftercare

If you have some questions, our comments are open!

Some FAQS about Tattoo Aftercare

There are two things you cannot do after a tattoo for 15 days:

Do not expose your tattoo to the sun.

Do not soak your tattoo (shower is ok, of course).

Hydrate the skin, do not scratch, do no soak, do no expose it to the sun. But you can find here a complete day by day guide.

Not much, really. With 2 hours after the tattoo should be enough, but it’s better if you can wait a little longer, about 6 hours or more.

It depends:

With film, 1 or 2 hours.

With bandage, not up to 6 hours.

But then you have special bandage for tattoo, and this can last up to 48 hours.

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