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10 Tattoo artist from Cardiff you may follow

Cardiff, the Wales Capital is always a fantastic city with a lot of things to do.

It has an spectacular castle, a cathedral, and a lot of things to do.

Moreover, Cardiff has a lot of things to do, and one of them is to get a tattoo there.

For this, we have selected 10 fantastic tattoo artist in Cardiff, and we do hope you enjoy it.

Let’s go!


Tasha Pollendine – Cardiff

The first tattoo artist we want to recommend you is Tasha Pollendine.

She works at Physical Graffiti Tattoos and she can do spectacular works using dotwork, black and grey and ornamental styles.

We do love her artwork because it is very harmonic, with complex designs but truly organic drawing, and the result is remarkable.

On her Instagram account you can see not just ornamental tattoos, she has a lot of botanical and animal ones, as well as other dotwork tattoo designs.

Tasha tattoo styles


Miss Rie – Newport

Not in Cardiff but in Newport you can find Miss Rie, an all-purpose tattoo artist with a lot of talent.

We do love Miss Rie art because she can perform perfect in almost every tattoo style, and this is really hard to do.

You can see amazing tattoo designs with New School touches, Neo Traditional drawings, realistic tattoos, in color or in black and grey.

Hard to believe but, as you can see in the photos, 100% true!

Miss Rie tattoo styles

miss rie newport tattoo artist portrait color woman
liz buckland tattoo artist woman newschool

Liz Buckland-Walton – Newport

Again in Newport you can find another spectacular tattoo artist called Liz Buckland-Walton.

She works at Tribune Tattoo doing a fantastic job with other tattoo artists like Natalie Cole.

Liz’s work is focused on Realistic and Neotraditional designs in color tattoo designs.

Their lines are bold and well defined and she has a lot of nice ideas to get tattooed, you just need to go there and let her do the job.

Liz Buckland-Walton tattoo styles

helen meredith tattoo artist peach newschool

Helen Meredith – Cardiff

Back in Cardiff you can meet Helen Meredith from Meredith Tattoo, and you can be 100% sure the tattoo is going to perform perfect on your skin.

We do like Meredith tattoo style because she can combine really nice NeoTrad/NewSchool tattoo designs with solid and bright colors.

You know, some people has a gift to convert every design into something recognizable, and Helen just have it.

End of the story.

Helen Meredith tattoo styles

katdemon ink whitchurchtattoo artist banksy

Katdemon Ink – Whitchurch

Now we are going to travel to South Wales to reach Whitchurch. Here is the home of Katdemon Ink, a place to go.

Kat is the tattoo artist there and you can find her apprentice too, Maia Callen-Davies.

Kat tattoo designs perform perfectly in every tattoo style, and she is an all-purpose too, as Miss Rie.

You can find on her Instagram account so many different tattoo styles with fantastic tattoos than is very hard to choose just a few!

Katdemon tattoo styles


Meg from Cherrybom studio – Cardiff

Back in Cardiff you always can go to Cherrybom studio and meet Meg.

Cherrybom is opened since 2012 and they have a friendly and professional service, and it’s always a good place to get inked.

Meg is the owner and she used to work on different tattoo studios before opening Cherrybom, so she has a lot of experience in the industry.

With Meg you can do almost every tattoo style with a little focus on realism and color tattoo.

Meg tattoo styles

ali baugh cardiff tattoo squirrel realistic

Ali Baugh – Cardiff

In Cardiff you can meet Ali Baugh.

She works in Valkyrie Tattoo Studio and she has a fantastic portfolio.

Ali is focused on realistic (or hyper realistic) tattoo styles, in black and grey ink or colored, and you can see a lot of good examples at Ali Baugh Instagram account.

We do love her styles because they are very detailed, doing fantastic portraits (human or not) and scenes.

Ali Baugh tattoo styles


Jas Brett – Cardiff

Again, working at Valkyrie Tattoo Studio is Jas, another fantastic tattoo artist from Cardiff.

Jass has an spectacular portfolio with ornamental and intricate floral designs, mostly without colors, very detailed and with a fantastic technique.

So, you must follow Jass and, if you are in Cardiff and want to get inked with some flowers, call her.

Jas Brett styles

jas brett cardiff tattoo artist flower shoulder circle
jas brett cardiff tattoo artist flower hummingbird
jas brett cardiff tattoo artist tiger
naomi hoang tattoo artist cardiff

Naomi Hoang – Cardiff

Naomi Hoang is the owner of Naohoa Luxury Bespoke Tattoos, and it’s a very special place.

Naomi’s Naohoa concept is more like a beauty salon with a lot of style in a minimalistic way than a tattoo studio.

So, it’s something completely different if you compare with the Cardiff tattoo scene, and we think it is a good way to become remarkable.

Speaking about tattoos, Naomi is focused on custom tattoos, and you have a lot of delicate examples (and not so delicate ones), black and grey or colored.

A very nice experience, for sure!

Naomi Hoang styles

naomi hoang tattoo artist cardiff tree watercolor

Kylie from Gypsy Jayne Tattoo – Newport

Our last recommendation is Kylie, from Gypsy Jayne Tattoo in Newport.

Kylie is another very experienced tattoo artist (+5 years and counting) and she is focused on ornate and detail, with fine line work.

Of course, the most tattoos are custom and bespoke, so you are going to leave with something special and unique.

Color, black and grey an even watercolor, everything is possible here!

Kylie styles

kylie talbot tattoo artist newport 2 tattoos leg

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