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Some Ganesha tattoo ideas, our favourite Hiduism deity

Ganesha is one of the main deities of Hinduism and, moreover, one of our favorite ones!

Ganesha tattoos are really distinctive by the design, because Ganesha is a human body with an elephant head.

Moreover, this human body should be a big one, usually with a big belly.

And yes, this kind of tattoos performs better in big sizes.

Speaking about the deity, Ganesha is the Hinduism one for removing obstacles, and it is very popular in this faith.

Usually it’s represented with 4 arms and some key elements on Ganesha’s hands:

More key elements are the halo in the head representing the divinity, and usually Ganesha is represented riding a huge bandicoot or rat. This image tells us that Ganesha can ride mundane wishes.

What does Ganesha tattoos means?

Well, we always say the meaning of the tattoo is different for each person, but one thing is clear:

Ganesha is a Hinduism deity who removes obstacles.

Of course, some people tattoo Ganesha just because the design is cool, but the most of these tattoos have a personal and special meaning.

Sometimes they want to focus on one part of their personality, sometimes a ceremonial tattoo for remembering some difficulty in the past.

And now, here we go with some Ganesha tattoo examples.



1. Ganesha realistic tattoo

The first Ganesha tattoo we want to share with you is this realistic one.

Here you have a Ganesha with a bell to call their devotees.

We do like the technique of this tattoo and the big size, it’s a bold design!

This tattoo is done by Pravin Gowda, who have a lot of different tattoos from different styles on his Instagram account.


2. Ganesha Neo Traditional tattoo

The second one is a Ganesha tattoo on a Neo Traditional way.

The design is pretty cool, and you have some key elements from Ganesha, like the broken canine (to write) and the Abhayamudrā position in the hand, showing their blessing.

This design is made by Raom Tattoo, and you can find a lot of big bold tattoos on him Instagram account, usually colorful.


3. (Very) Traditional Ganesha tattoo

If you want a more traditional Ganesha tattoo, here you have one.

Just the head, black and grey, with a lot of ornamental style in the halo.

Pretty good, isn’t it?

This tattoo is made by Sunil Basava, in India, and he got a lot of different works to share with you.


4. Complete Ganesha tattoo

This is another traditional Ganesha tattoo, but this time, a complete one.

You can see here the complete Ganesha figure, in black and grey and with a lot of ornamental in a few spots, with the lotus flowers and a mandala as halo.

Very complete!

This tattoo is made by Art & Symbols Tattoo Studio, from Stuttgart, in Germany. They have a lot of pieces of work, in Black and Grey and colored ones too, so you may have a look here!


5. Neotrad Ganesha tattoo with red color

On the fifth place, another way to see Ganesha.

This is a more realistic and a bit Neo Trad tattoo (we do love the mix on this design), with some bold red touch of colors.

The technique and the way it communicate is just fantastic, and the design (and the size) is very bold, so congrats!

This is made by Pa’udy, from Bali, and you can see a lot of very detailed Neotrad tattoos on him account.


6. Micro/Small Ganesha tattoo

I told you before that Ganesha tattoos usually performs better on big sizes, isn’t it?

Well, not in 100% of the cases, and this tattoo prove it!

This small/micro Ganesa Ohm tattoo is cute and lovely, with a nice technique and a fresh idea.

So, we love it.

This tattoo is made by Shiva Karthik and you can see a lot of lettering and harmonic tattoos on him account.


7. Newschool Ganesha tattoo

Ok, Ganesha figure is usually inked and represented on a traditional way, but new school style performs cool with it too!

Here you have a colorful newschool tattoo about Ganesha head, and we think is a fantastic idea too.

This tattoo is made by Javier Cuello Ziegler, from Venezuela, and he have astonishing tattoos on him portfolio.

Nice job, Javier!


8. Ornamental/New School Ganesha tattoo

We are on 8th position and we have another special Ganesha design for you.

This time, Ganesha is inked on a non-traditional way, with a lot of small ornamental pieces, and touch of colors.

The design is really well-balanced, harmonic, and fits perfect.

The tattoo artist who have done this piece of work is Robson Correa – Tio Chico, well done there!


9. Complete arm Ganesha tattoo

On number 9 on the list, we have a huge Ganesha tattoo with a design in all the arm.

You can see a complete Ganesha figure, finished with different flowers doing a very nice design, with a lot of power, isn’t it?

This tattoo is made by Sergio Ricardo, from Sao Paulo, in Brazil, and he have a lot of ideas on him Instagram account.


10. Ganesha tattoo in the hand

Last but not least, a Ganesha tattoo made in… one hand!

This realistic tattoo has done with a spectacular technique, look at the details in the right part of the picture!

This tattoo is made by Charly Ávila, and he is focused on realistic design, you can see tons of black and grey ink with touch of color on his Instagram.

And we do like it!

Are you ready to get Ganesha inked?

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