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Top 12 Tattoo Shops and Artists in San Francisco you may follow!

San Francisco is one of the most iconic cities all around the US, and we can say San Francisco concept and monuments are well known all around the globe.

But, what can we say about San Francisco Tattoo Shops and Tattoo artists?

In this guide, we want to introduce you to 12 tattoo artists to follow and, of course, to get inked by.

Here we go!


Anita Darkling, from Black Serum Tattoo Shop

The first tattoo artist we want to introduce you is Anita Darkling.

She works at Black Serum Tattoo Shop, one of the most famous tattoo parlors in San Francisco, and she is a very talented one.

Anita Darkling is very focused on fineline tattoos in blackwork, especially in botanical and animal ones, and we can say she is a wonderful artist to get inked by.

san francisco tattoo shops brittany genius

Brittany Genius

The second tattoo artist on this list is Brittany Genius.

We can say she has tons of personality and a fantastic sense of humor and, moreover, she is a wonderful tattoo artist.

As you can see, she is really focused on watercolor tattoos and she has unique and very personal designs.

So, if you want something like this, Brittany is your tattoo artist, no doubt about it!

tattoo shops san francisco brittany genius watercolor elements tattoo
san francisto tattoo shops ale rosa flower shoulder tattoo

Ale Rosa, from Castro Tattoo SF

Next is Ale Rosa, another very talented tattoo artist, this time working at Castro Tattoo SF.

We do love Ale’s work and with these 3 examples you know why 😉

Ale is focused on black ink and she has wonderful works in the botanical area.

So, if you want some flowers or animals in your skin, Ale is a fantastic choice!

tattoo shops san francisco ale rosa moth back tattoo

Sheena Yu-Hsin Wood, from Moth and Dagger Tattoo

Moth and Dagger tattoo is another nice and famous parlor in San Francisco, and here you can find another amazing tattoo artist like Sheena Yu-Hsin Wood.

As you can see, traditional tattoos have no mystery for Sheena, and she performs perfectly in this tattoo style.

So, if you want something traditional, unique, and bold, Sheena is your tattoo artist!

tattoo shops san francisco sheena yu hsin ghost tattoo
san francisco tattoo shops jen lee

Jen Lee, from Ed Hardy’s Tattoo City

And, if you are looking for a fantastic tattoo artist in traditional, color and illustration style, Jen Lee is definitely the one.

You can meet her working at Ed Hardy’s Tattoo City, another fantastic tattoo shop in San Francisco.

One more thing about Jen, she paints and you can get a tattoo about one of her paintings too.

san francisco tattoo shops holly ellis

Holly Ellis, from Idle Hand San Francisco

We are just in the middle of this list, and we want to introduce you to Holly Ellis, one of our favorites!

Holly Ellis is a very talented tattoo artist working at Idle Hand Tattoo (yes, there are a lot of fantastic tattoo shops in San Francisco).

We do like her style because she can perform perfectly on traditional tattoos with unique designs and she is very talented for portraits too, as you can see on these two examples.

So, just go and follow her right now!

san francisco tattoo shops arlene yap

Arlene Yap, from Rose Gold’s San Francisco

Well, it is very difficult to describe Arlene Yap’s art because, no matter what we say, her art is even better.

Her tattoos are just finesse and harmony, and these are two really big words.

We do love her botanical and death nature tattoos, because you can feel the essence itself.

You can meet Arelene in Rose Gold’s Tattoo, and you are going to be fascinated with her work too!

tattoo shop san francisco arlene yap flower and snake tattoo

Deanna Warding, Co-Owner of Tattoo Boogaloo

And it is time now for Deanna Warding, another fantastic (and another icon) in the San Francisco Tattoo Scene.

Deanna is Tattoo Boogaloo Co-Owner, and, as you can see in these examples, she prefers color/watercolor tattoos with bold and unique designs.

We do like the way she mixes color and black ink to get something amazing.

san francisco tattoo shop deanna warding bird tattoo

Rhianna, from One Shot Tattoo

Well, Rhianna is another tattoo artist you cannot define with words, but we are going to try.

Rhianna’s artwork is focused on different areas, but we do love maybe the darkest one.

She is very talented at illustration and drawing tattoos, and she combines ink like a master but, when it becomes dark and creepy, the work is perfect.

So, just go and follow her!


Claire Evans, from Red Kestrel Tattoo

You know some tattoo artists are just good enough to perform perfectly in a huge kind of style, aren’t they?

Well, Claire Evans is one of them.

If we have to choose something, we do like her colorful tattoos in realistic style, but she can do everything right, and that is the point!

So, you know, go and follow Claire.


Beeso, from Two Cranes Tattoo Shop

Beeso is just a unique person with a unique sense of what is delicate, and you can feel it in just every tattoo she creates.

We do love her work because of this sense, and we think all she does is just perfect.

So, if you want some black ink tattoo, in fineline or not, with tons of sensibility, Beeso is just your tattoo artist!


Jessica Jenkins, from Modern Electric Studio

Finally on this list it is turn for Jessica Jenkins, another fantastic and very talented tattoo artist, this time working at Modern Electric Studio.

Jessica can do something really difficult:

She can do a lot of different tattoo styles in a nice way and, for us, this is something fantastic.


We hope we inspired you for your next tattoo, which is the artist in San Francisco for you on this list?

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