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Biomechanical Tattoos

Maybe one of the most eye-catching tattoo styles is the biomechanical one, and it is for several reasons.

For that, on this article we are going to show you:

So, let’s go!

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Biomechanical gears arm tattoo

Another nice example, this time about some gears or machinery inked on a complete arm.

As you can see, the result is fantastic and you simply cannot tear your eyes away from it.

Moreover, this tattoo is a cover, made by Mary Tattoo, a very nice tattoo artist from Kaliningrado, in Russia, and from a Black Metal Girl, so our heart is with you, Mary.

What is a biomechanical tattoo

The first question we have to ask is this one:


Yes, it is very steampunk stuff and you have a lot of examples in films or TV series too.

Just a few may be Terminator, Alien or Total Recall.

That is the concept.

What do you need for getting a perfect biomechanical tattoo

Biomechanical tattoos are a very complex tattoo style, because you need a very high expertise in realistics (or hyper realistic) tattoo style, you need to know a little bit about mechanics and, moreover, you need to be freaky enough to compose big drawings with these concepts.

Moreover, the results only can be two:

Yes, that’s the point!


Biomechanical arm sleeve tattoo

Here you can find a perfect example of how amazing a nice biomechanical tattoo is.

As you can see, it is the perfect harmony between a mechanical artifact and a human body, with all the valves, pistons and that kind of thing.

This tattoo is made by Przemek (Shamack) Malachowski, owner of Inkden tattoo studio, in the UK, and you should follow them right now!

A little bit about Biomechanical History

Well, talking about “History” is maybe too much, because the concept itself is no more than 40 years old.

There is a school of thought that says maybe the creator of this movement is Giger, the designer for Alien, the 1979 film.

And yes, maybe this is the true story of this concept, but we tend to question all things, you know.

So, let’s move to 1940, maybe 1950.

In these decades cyberpunk is a new wave in books with Bruce Sterling, William Gibson and John Shirley, for example. Then, in 1970-1980 there was a new concept: Steampunk.

This is like the world evolution from steam instead of vacuum, and you can see a lot of biomechanical creatures there.

For us, we prefer the steampunk theory more than the Alien one, but, you know, both are just ok.

Something about Biomechanical Tattoo meaning

Just in a few words:

There is no hidden meaning in biomechanical tattoos.

And this is because biomechanical tattoos are young enough in human History to have no meaning, just an aesthetic thing.

And this is cool too, because not every single piece of art in the world has a meaning, and they are awesome too!

biomechanical dark tattoo arno b ink

Dark Biomechanical Tattoo

Inside biomechanical tattoo style there is a sub-trend about dark tattoos, even with some biological and SciFi touches, and we do love it.

One example is this one, as you can see, the design is something like another life living inside the arm, isn’t it?

This spectacular tattoo is done by Arno B Ink, a tattoo parlor focused on this kind of dark tattoo in France, and you should follow them.

Some tips for getting a biomechanical tattoo

Just three main tips for getting a perfect biomechanical tattoo:

First, you need a tattoo artist mastering this tattoo style or you are just going to have a crappy thing.

Moreover, covering a biomechanical tattoo is only possible with a blackout.

Secondly, biomechanical tattoos are the largest, the nicer.

Yes, you are going to have several sessions, but, you know, that is the price for getting something unique and awesome.

Lastly, the placement is a big point too.

Yes, usually biomechanical tattoo places are arms or legs, but chest or even the head is a nice spot.

Depending on the placement you choose, the design has to be different.

Yes, you are going to have several sessions, but, you know, that is the price for getting something unique and awesome.

And now, some Biomechanical tattoo designs to get inspired!

We hope you enjoy this list:


Biomechanical “Traditional” Back Tattoo

We want to show you this tattoo because it is a very nice example of a traditional tattoo in biomechanical tattoo style.

This time, the placement is on one side of the back, and this placement determines the design a little bit.

This tattoo is made by Baron Samedi Tattoo, a fantastic tattoo parlor in Strasbourg, in France.


Extreme Biomechanical Tattoo

If you want to take an extra mile in biomechanical tattoo, here is another very nice example.

As you can see, technically it is a huge biomechanical tattoo, with a lot of blackwork, making the composition something unique.

This fantastic tattoo is done by Wruce Bayne, a wonderful tattoo artist we do love for converting humans into androids. He is based at Humandroid Studio, in Treviso, Italy.


Another Dark Biomechanical arm sleeve

Yes, we have a soft spot with these dark biomechanical tattoos (or maybe we can talk about SciFi ones? Who knows), and we want to share with you another fantastic example.

Here you can see something like organic stuff, claws and shapes, very close to some terror films.

This tattoo is done by Sergey Voynoff, from Goodluck Tattoo Studio in St. Petersburg, in Russia.

biomechanical abstract tattoo roma saenko

Biomechanical Abstract Back Tattoo

Yes, just between biomechanical and abstract tattoos you can find this tattoo.

The design itself is perfect for a backpiece, done with mastery, and very harmonic.

Yes, we do like it. For sure.

This amazing tattoo is done by Roma Saenzo, a very special tattoo artist from Kiev, in Ukraine.


Another Biomechanical Arm Sleeve

This tattoo is another very nice example for a complete arm sleeve with a large biomechanical tattoo.

As you can see, a lot of different pieces, gears, wires and metal drawings.

You can see here all the classical pieces for an amazing biomechanical tattoo, and we do love it.

This tattoo is made by Przemysław A. Chojnacki, a very talented tattoo artist from Toruń, in Poland, working at Entropia Tattoos. We think you should follow this account right now!


Dark Biomechanical Nature Neck Tattoo

As we told you just a few tattoos back, inside Biomechanical tattoos there is a sub-trend about darker and organical tattoos (but you know, “bio-organical tattoos” is like saying the same twice) and we do love it.

Well, this tattoo is another example about something dark and natural, this time, in the neck, and we think it is just amazing.

This tattoo is done by Ty McEwen, maybe one of the most prominent figures in biomechanical tattoos, so go and follow him right now!


Dark Biomechanical Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Just fantastic, isn’t it?

Same concept, something dark and odd but with an organic aspect, like in the terror films or comics, just in your skin.

This “something like” some supernatural teeth inked in the leg is another perfect example we want you to see.

The tattoo is done by Rock’n’Roll Tattoo, in Gdansk, in Poland, a very nice studio with a lot of fantastic works.


Complete Arm Sleeve Tattoo

As you can see, arm sleeves are a key trend inside Biomechanical Tattoo, and it’s perfectly normal because the results are just amazing.

This one is another example, with the detail in the shoulder of a mysterious piece among all the gears and pieces.

This tattoo is done by Pierre-Guilles Romieu, owner of Bete Humaine Tattouage, in Paris (France, of course).

biomechanical chest tattoo kobbe boderaux

Biomechanical Chest Tattoo

This is another very nice example, in large size but not a complete sleeve or back, you know.

It is like a cyber human in the heart, very Ironman-like.

We do like the result with all the shadowing and blackwork on the tattoo so, for us, it is another masterpiece.

This tattoo is done by Kobbé, a Tattoo Parlor in Bordeaux, in France.

We do hope you have enjoyed this tattoo guide!

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