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Best COVID’19 tattoos EVER!

As you may know, COVID’19 is here to stay and have changed the world we know and, moreover, our habits.

And, on the other hand, people use to get tattooed with something we call “Ceremonial tattoos”, which are tattoos made to remember something very important in someone life (like a birth, someone’s death, the end of high school, or whatever).

As you may thought right now:

Yes, there are some people getting inked with these ceremonial tattoos about COVID’19.

And we cannot blame them.

Of course, we have done a list with the very best we have found, with no special order on it.

But, before you get into this list, if you know some other tattoo about COVID that deserves to be here, just leave us a comment at the end of the post, we’ll appreciate it.



Plague Medic COVID'19 tattoo

If something happened with COVID’19 is that we have death more present in our lives, isn’t it?

For this, the first tattoo we want to share with you is this one.

This tattoo represents the medics of the plague who killed a lot of people in Europe back in some points between 1.300 and 1.700, but with the 2020 tagline, of course.

This tattoo is made by Francisco Cassiani, an Italian tattoo artist from Rome, and we think it represents in a fantastic way this situation, isn’t it?


Doctor/Nurse COVID'19 tattoo

Doctors, nurses and all the health personnel have been the most affected people around the globe, not just for the virus itself, but for the consequences.

They have done a lot of hours, with 100% implication and, if we are safer, it’s just because of them.

For this, our second tattoo about COVID’19 is this tribute to the people who work in health.

Women, man, we do love you.

This tattoo is made by Woodz, from Brooklin, in New York, with a lot of color in a New School way.

Nice job!


The virus death, COVID'19 tattoo

Some people can make jokes with almost everything in the world, and we love that attitude!

This tattoo is the probe, just one virus dressed like the death.

Lovely, isn’t it?

This colorful tattoo is done by Rob Foster, and we think he captured all the importance of the COVID to ink it.

What do you think about it?


The playing COVID'19!

Another one vibrating in the same frequency is this tattoo.

We do love it because it’s simple, only with black ink, but it means a lot, and we think the tattoo artist (Em) represented it with perfection.

So, we just love this tattoo.

That’s all.


Face mask tattoo artist

The fifth tattoo is about the main thing we learn in 2020: We must wear face masks.

And this one is a tribute to all the people who must wear it at work, as the tattoo artist themselves, because we know it’s not a comfortable thing.

This tattoo is made by Bink Tattoo Shop, in Banyoles, Spain, made in black & grey with a comic style, and we love it.

toilet paper covid 19 tattoos

Toilet paper 2020 tattoo

As a year, 2020 maybe is the worst year ever for almost everyone, in fact, in Spain we have a saying:

“Leap-year, sinister year”.

And 2020 has been more sinister than Marylin Manson and Lacrimosa together.

If you think 2020 has been a shit year too, the best thing you can do is tattoo a toilet paper one, so we can clean all the mess!

This one is made by Elva Harley Tattoo, and it describes a lot about these 366 days!

nurse against virus covid 19 tattoo

Nurse against COVID'19 tattoo

The next tattoo about COVID’19 is a huge one.

This piece of work is made by Avari Turner, in Tifton, Georgia (USA) and it’s just amazing.

It represents a fighter nurse against the virus, with all the protection items: The face mask, globes, and stethoscope.

It’s done in a comic style but in a realistic way, and it is another tribute to nurses and doctors, the people who are on the first line against the pandemic.


Exhausted dead tattoo

If someone has more work to do in 2020, more even than the doctors, it has been the death.

With this concept, real, hard, deep and, why not tell it, sad, this tattoo is made from one of the happiest countries on earth: Brazil.

This exhausted death is a huge concept, and it has amazed us a lot.

Moreover, we do like the tattoo itself and the technique used by the tattoo artist, Daniel Snacks, from Sao Paulo, done in black ink with bod lines.

Really nice work there!


Bee in the cage tattoo

Number 9 tattoo on this list is another nice concept about “how was 2020 for you?” question.

In this case, the tattoo represents a bee in a cage, and we think it’s beautiful.

You know, people used to be free like a bee but, in 2020, with all the lockouts in different countries in the world and the point of not travelling to almost anyplace is a nice metaphor, isn’t it?

The tattoo is made by Bora, a conceptual tattoo artist from Bari, in Italy, and we love the design with the graffiti effect in “2020” and the glitch in the cage.


Skeleton playing with the COVID'19

Number 10 of this list is another huge and amazing tattoo, and we can say we left the best for the last one!

The design and the technique are awesome for us, but the concept is even better.

Here you can see a nice skeleton with a knife playing with the virus, in a perfect metaphor of what’s happening.

This piece of work was made by Guifalia, in Treviso, Italy, and we think it’s wonderful.

These are our Top10 COVID’19 tattoos, but we want to ask you, what is your Top1?

Please, let us know!

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