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Top 9 Tattoo Shops in Chicago, and Top 25 Tattoo Artists

Well, Chicago has a lot of different things to do, in fact, it is the third most populous city in the US (you know, New York is the first one and LA the second).

But the Windy City is much more than the Willis Tower and the Chicago Bulls (or maybe the Bears, or the White Sox), because the city has a very vibrant tattoo community.

And, because of this, we want to introduce you to the best tattoo shops and tattoo artists in Chicago.

So, let’s go!

Table of Contents

Evergreen Studio Chicago, the first one

The first studio we want to show you is Evergreen Studio Chicago.

The main reason is because it is a big studio with a lot of very talented tattoo artists and, moreover, they are all women.

And, working for Everygreen Studio Chicago we want to introduce you to 8 tattoo artists.

Yes, 8.


Emily Fong, owner of Evergreen Studio Chicago

The first one we want to feature in this guide is Emily Fong, the owner of Evergreen Studio Chicago.

As you can see, she is a really talented tattoo artist focused in black and grey tattoos, and we can say we do love her realistic style, especially the botanical and animal realistic illustrations.

emily fong best tattoo artists chicago botanical realistic tattoo

Alexandra Winthrop, dark color illustration

The second one from the Evergreen Studio Chicago crew is Alexandra Winthrop, another very talented woman tattoo artist, this time, focused in dark illustration.

We do love her color palette and how she can mix something very organic with the dark side, making her tattoos an unique experience.

We do love Alexandra’s work, obviously.

alexandra winthrop tattoo chicago snake flower color tattoo
alyssa carbonara evergreen tattoo studio chicago tattoo shops

Alyssa Carbonara, illustration tattoo

The third on the list is Alyssa Carbonara, with a completely different style.

Yes, Alyssa does illustration tattoos too, sometimes in color, sometimes in black and gray, but is something more organic, harmonic and delicate, and we do like her personal touch.

So, if you are looking for a tattoo like this, Alyssa is your person!


Seulgee, fineline tattoo

And, if Alyssa’s work was delicate, you have to see Seulgee one, because this amazing fineline tattoo artist is on another level in terms of delicateness.

We do love Seulgee’s fineline tattoos and the detail level she can ink into the skin, and we think just a couple of photos can say more than our words, right?


Yarik, fineline realism tattoos

If you do like fineline tattoos as we do, you are going to love Yarik too.

As you can see, Yarik’s art is about fineline tattoos with a ton of fantastic ideas to get inked. We do like her tattoo style, more than a personal brand, and we think she is going to do great things in the tattoo industry.

chicago tattoo shops yarik botanical arm sleeve
sara phillips evergreen studio chicago tattoo

Sara Phillips, traditional illustration tattoos

Maybe more in the most traditional illustration tattoo style you can find Sara Phillips, working on the Evergreen Studio Chicago crew too!

As you can see, Sara’s art is about bright colors and nice bold black lines.

We can say we do love her color palette for botanical ones.

sara phillips grenade fruit color tattoo chicago tattoo shops

B. Fineline tattoo

Yes, inside Evergreen Studio Chicago there are a lot of nice tattoo artists working in fineline and botanical tattoos, but you know, it is just because they are too good at doing that!

Here is another example.

Her name is B. and we do love her art, what do you think?

b evergreen leaves tattoo chicago tattoo shops

Erica, Evergreen Studio Chicago Apprentice

And, last but not least we want to introduce you to Erica.

Yes, she is a tattoo apprentice, but, you know, if we want to feature a tattoo shop because we think they are doing the best job in town, we want to feature all the crew!

chicago tattoo shops erica scorpion tattoo

Speakeasy Custom Tattoo, in Chicago

Speakeasy Custom  Tattoo is another big tattoo shop in Chicago, with a lot of professional tattoo artists working in the studio.

But, we want to introduce to you four of them: Brigitta Backside, Amber Jane Strange, Xenia and Sera Alana.

Let’s go!


Brigitta Backside, portraits and realism

The first one from Speakeasy Custom Tattoo is Brigitta Backside.

She is a very talented tattoo artist, and we do love her portraits and realism designs, especially the “a little creepy” ones.

As you can see, she has an unique color palette and the final result is just awesome.

chicago tattoos brigitta backside speakeasy

Amber Jane Strange, botanical tattoos

We do love Amber Jane Strange tattoos, because they are like artwork, you know.

She performs top on botanical tattoos, especially in large ones, like sleeves, because her final result is very clean and she can mix bold lines with dotwork  giving the composition her own personal brand.

What do you think about it?

amber jane strange chicago tattoos bat botanical tattoo
chicago tattoos amber jane strange botanical half sleeve
speakeasy custom chicago tattoo

Xenia, the third one from Speakeasy Custom Tattoo

Well, Xenia is the third one from the Speakeasy crew we think you may know, but Xenia is different because she can do almost everything very well.

Color, black and gray, watercolor, botanical, portraits… It seems there are no tattoo styles with secrets for Xenia.

And this is a very, very nice thing, isn’t it?

xenia dragon tattoo shops chicago black and gray

Sera Alana, Black and Grey Tattoo

And, if you want a black and grey tattoo, maybe Sera Alana is your tattoo artist.

Sera Alana is the last one for the Speakeasy Custom Tattoo on this list but, as you can see, her artwork is amazing.

We can say she has her own character to ink, and this personal brand is a very good point but, you know, Sera is fantastic with all illustration tattoos.

sera alana chicago tattoo shops illustration tattoo cry baby peony

Cierra, working at Tatu Tattoo Chicago

Another nice tattoo shop in Chicago is Tatu Tattoo, with seven different tattoo artists focused on several styles.

And we want to feature Cierra from Tatu Tattoo Chicago crew.

We do like Cierra’s artwork because her illustration and black ink tattoos are just awesome, as you can see in the pictures right here.

Moreover, she can perform perfectly in lettering or in more traditional tattoos, so Cierra is always a very interesting tattoo artist to contact, isn’t she?

chicago tattoo artist cierra hand tattoo flowers

Logan Square Tattoo, another big (and cute) tattoo shop in Chicago

Let’s move on to another nice and big tattoo shop in Chicago.

Its name is Logan Square Tattoo and, as you can imagine, they are located at Logan Square.

They have about 10 different tattoo artists and we want to introduce you to 5 of them.


Lizzie Duggan, harmonic illustration tattoos

First on this list from Logan Square Tattoo is Lizzie Duggan.

She is a very talented tattoo artist focused on illustration tattoo with black and grey ink, usually in the most traditional or drawing related way.

We can say she has her own “personal brand” because there are a lot of designs that you can bet were inked by Lizzie.

And that is the point!

chicago tattoo artists koi fish lizzie duggan
chicago tattoo shops lizzie duggan snake tattoo

KAE, microtattoos

KAE, from the Logan Square Tattoo crew too is the first one on the list working with microtattoo style.

This is a really hard style because you cannot fail, you have to be perfect.

And KAE is perfect with her designs.

chicago tattoo shops lettering kae
chicago tattoo artist kae micro tattoos

Speck Osterhout, we love her large tattoos

Well, it is not easy to choose some tags for Speck Osterhout, because she can do illustration tattoo, black and color, botanical, old school tattoos and many more, but we can say we do love her larger tattoo designs.

She can do fantastic complete arm sleeves tattoo and we can say, with Speck, the larger, the better.


Francisca Loredo, Realism Style

You know this kind of tattooer who makes art on the skin?

Well, Francisca Loredo is in that club.

She is really focused on realistic style and we can say she does it PERFECT.

The detail level of her work is astonishing, as you can see.

carmela logan square tattoo surrealistic style chicago tattoo

Carmela, Illustration Tattoos

And, talking about illustration tattoos made perfect, we want to introduce you to Carmela too.

The tattoo style is completely different, because Carmela’s art is not about realism, more in illustration/drawing style, but the level is quite similar.

We do like the way Carmela owns the dotwork technique and the bold lines she can get.

Just art, another time.

botanical chicago tattoo carmela logan square
cards tattoo illustration chicago tattoo shops carmela
esther garcia butterfat chicago tattoo shops

Butterfat Studio, Esther García

And now we want to introduce you to Esther García, owner of Butterfat Studio, maybe the best name for a tattoo shop in this list.

We do like Esther García’s artwork because it is really organic, does not matter about black or color ink, illustration or ornamental tattoo, and this is very difficult to achieve.

What do you think about it?


CrispyAura, Fineline Tattoo

And, talking about fineline and harmonic tattoos, we can add “delicate” to define CrispyAura tattoo artwork.

As you can see, from one line tattoo style to more traditional ones, all of them with a personal touch.

Nice work there, CrispyAura!


Ash & Ivory Tattoo

Another nice tattoo shop in Chicago is As & Ivory Tattoo.

You can find here three different artists: Anna, Kelsey and Felipe, and we want to introduce you to two of them.


Anna Hasseltine, Co-Owner of As & Ivory Tattoo

The first one is Anna Hasseltine, a very nice woman tattoo artist focused on black and grey tattoo, especially in the most traditional one, you know, illustration tattoo very similar to drawings.

We can say we do like her artwork very much.

kelsey moore flower black ink tattoo chicago artist

Kelsey Moore, black bold tattoos

And, in the same tattoo style but with a very different touch you can meet Kelsey Moore, the second one from the Ash & Ivory Tattoo in Chicago.

Kelsey’s tattoos are in illustration tattoo style too, but her designs usually have thick bold lines and a lot of black ink, giving the composition something unique and very eye-catching.

chicago tattoo shops kelsey moore quetzalcoatl

Dark Heart Chicago, another big tattoo shop

Dark Heart Chicago is a very big tattoo shop with two different delegations, one in Chicago and the other in Crystal Lake.

They have 9 different tattoo artists working there, and we want to feature two of them for you: Angela Koscal and Sarah Spread.


Angela Koscal, colorful tattoos

Angela Koscal has a very special way to ink the skin, and you can bet you are right to say she has her own personal brand.

She does perfectly fine portraits and realisms style with a very personal color palette, and we do love her funny tattoos.

So, Angela, keep going 🙂

chicago tattoo shops angela koscal tom selleck colorful tattoo
chicago tattoo shop dark heart sarah spread third eye rabbit tattoo

Sarah Spread, dark and beautiful tattoo

And, if you want a different tattoo style, don’t worry, we have an alternative option 😉

Sarah Spread is the name of this tattoo artist.

Technically her work is just illustration tattoo style, black inked usually, but we can say she stands out of the crowd when the tattoo design is a little dark and creepy, because she can do it perfectly and beautifully.

We just do love it!

sarah spread chicago tattoo artist dark heart tattoo shop portrait

Artistic Minds Chicago, TattuMami

Inside Artistic Minds Chicago tattoo shop we want to feature a very special tattoo artist there.

Her nickname is TattuMami and she is very, very talented.

She can do almost everything fine, but we think she can get breathless with her portrait tattoos, in black and gray or color ink.

tattumami chicago tattoo medusa head portrait

We do hope you have enjoyed this list about Chicago Tattoo Shops, which one are you going to choose?

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