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4.7/5 - (6 votes)

Broken Glass Tattoo Style

Today we want to introduce you to one of the less popular tattoo styles, because, you know, it is something very specific and very hard to do, like the Broken Glass Tattoo Style.

So, on this guide, we want to tell you:


First Broken Glass Tattoo Example

Well, we want to start from the beginning and, as you can see, here you can find a “simple” design for a broken glass tattoo.

Just a broken mirror, in realistic style, with some roses and a nice shadowing.

And, the composition and the design is simple itself, but the final result has a strong point, doesn’t it?

This tattoo is made by Yeonjae, based in Seoul, in South Korea, and we do think you should follow that account right now.

What is Broken Glass Tattoo Style?

The point of the Broken Glass Tattoo is as simple as amazing:

This is really hard to do, because you have to mix several styles, for example:

Ah, you cannot forget that shadowing here is truly important, maybe the big point.

These tattoos can be colored, in black and gray ink or mixed (one part in color and the other in black and grey) with no problem at all, depending on the artist and on the concept.


Broken Glass Anime Tattoo

Yes, we told you about hyper-realistic broken glass tattoos but, what do you think about this?

Perfect, isn’t it?

This tattoo, as you can see, combines the broken glass technique with an anime tattoo, and the result is awesome.

Ah, something more, this tattoo is a cover, and this is an extra point for us.

The tattoo artist is Koumori, at Mexico DF, very focused on anime tattoo, all their work is perfectly done, you can bet on that!

What Does Broken Glass Tattoo Mean?

Well, there is not just one meaning for Broken Glass Tattoo Style, so we are going to explain to you the main ones.

Well, we do not like this first meaning, but the truth is it is.

Glass is fragile, and it tends to break, so the first possible meaning of a broken glass tattoo is to show it to the world.

And this is very brave, you know.

Yes, just the opposite meaning too!

This is because this broken glass can mean transformation between your past and your future, like a process of personal growth.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

On the other hand, many people get inked with a broken glass tattoo because it is just very, very beautiful, and that’s all.

You know, if you mix this tattoo with something like 50’s aesthetic of the classic films, the result can be overwhelming.


Simple and Direct Broken Glass Chest Tattoo

Yes, you can keep a broken glass tattoo simple and amazing, as you can see.

Maybe this is the most simple design to do in this art style but, if you do it right, the result is fantastic.

Very bold, strong meaning and a fantastic work for Remon, a fantastic tattoo artist working at Koestraat Tattoo, in Amersfort, near Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

We do like Remon’s work because, you know, this little dark style touches our heart.

Here, the tattoo artist is VERY important

Last but not least and before the tattoo designs for you, we want to say something.

In the broken glass tattoo style the tattoo artist is very important.

You know, you can create the illusion or not, but there is nothing in the middle but failure.

And you do not want to have a fail in your skin.

So, choose your tattoo artist for this, because you want to have some art in the skin.


Realistic Broken Glass Tattoo

Now let’s move into something more classical in realistic broken glass tattoos, like this one.

As you can see, the illusion about the broken glass up the design is fantastically made with white ink, giving a 3D effect to all the composition.

This tattoo is made by Wyl Parkes, another wonderful tattoo artist, this time, working at Vivid Ink Tattoo in Birmingham, UK.

Some (more) Broken Glass Tattoo for you!

We hope you enjoy the list!


Another Realistic, this time with an eye

Another nice example of the classical 3D effect of a broken glass tattoo, this time, with an eye staring at you.

All in black and gray ink, with white one to create the glass illusion.

Awesome, isn’t it?

This tattoo is made by Thomas Axelsson, in Markaryd, Sweden, and he has a ton of nice tattoos on his Instagram account, so just go for them!


Light Colored Portrait Broken Glass Tattoo

And, as you can see, this is another broken glass in the mirror tattoo, but with something different.

First of all, the portrait perfectly done gives the design something strong to stare at you, and we do like the point of red color in the lips, as well as the broken effect.

This tattoo is made by Jessica Reyes, tattooing in Providence (Rhode Island), and we do think you should follow her. 



Inverted Broken Glass Tattoo

This is something maybe creeper but very eye-catching, isn’t it?

We do love this tattoo because the inverted colors, you know, a lot of black ink and a little of white and gray to make the 3D effect.

And, you know, the skull tattoo is always a fantastic idea.

This tattoo is done by Lolo Verdugo, focused on this kind of dark tattoos we do like a lot!


Lettering Broken Glass Tattoo

The first lettering tattoo on the list, because, you know, you can have a broken glass tattoo with characters too!

As you can see, the design itself is simple (just ultra-violence lettering with the broken glass effect) but, with the perfect technique plus the placement in the hand give the tattoo something different, and better.

This tattoo we do love is done by Mickey, he specializes in full color tattoos (but he can do a perfect job with black ink, isn’t it?), and he is working at Twin Moon Creations, in Glen Head, New York.


Classic Broken Glass Portrait

And now, another portrait for this Broken Glass Tattoo list.

In black and gray, realistic style, and a beauty face like in the old movies.

Cannot be more classical, cannot  be better.

This tattoo is done by Walter Hernández, he is working in Colombia and we think you should follow him right now, we do love his realistic tattoos.


Broken Glass Tattoo Cartoon Style

You can have a broken glass tattoo with humor and niceness, for sure!

As you can see, this tattoo is done in cartoon style, the design is very simple but you only can smile when you look at it.

And this is a very good (and difficult) point.

This tattoo is done by Violette Violence, focused on this kind of tattoos, simple, sometimes like child drawing, and fantastic, working at Les Chochottes, in Montreal, Canada.

We do hope you enjoyed this list!

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