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These are the best tattoo shops and artists in Charlotte

As you know, Charlotte is a really big city in North Carolina, in fact, the Charlotte metropolitan area has more than 2 million people.

And, like every nice and big city in the US, Charlotte has a fantastic tattoo culture with a lot of different artists and studios.

In this guide, we want to show you some of the best parlors and artists to get inked in the city, so let’s go for it!


Jasmine Waller, working at Tattoo Bill’s Inc.

The first tattoo artist on  this list is Jasmine Waller, a very talented one working at Tattoo Bill’s, one of the best parlors in the city.

We want to show you a couple of examples of her work, of course, but we can say that Jasmine performs perfectly in almost every tattoo style.

You can see botanicals, portraits, color, black and gray, colored tattoos, illustration and so many more, so, maybe this is one of your first choices in Charlotte, isn’t it?

charlotte tattoos jasmine waller dinosaur sticker
jasmine waller charlotte nc tattoos ornamental geometrical tattoo

Rosmarie, working at Capital Crow Tattoo

Second on this guide is Rosmarie, another wonderful tattoo artist, this time working at Capital Crow Tattoo, at Plaza Midwood Area.

We do love her black ink tattoos (or black and gray in some cases) and, just in case of Jasmine, we have seen perfect works in illustration style, but in Oneline, portraits or geometrical designs, so does not matter what kind of idea you have your mind, we are sure Rosmarie can make it happen!

rosmarie charlotte nc tattoo geometrical bee arm
lauren charlotte nc tattoo shops

Lauren, working at Blood, Sweat and Tears Tattoo

Yes, we know it: Blood, Sweat and Tears is the best name for a tattoo shop (and we think the guys from the parlor know it too).

But, let us introduce you to Lauren, an amazing tattoo artist with another amazing website domain (InkMachineBarbie).

We do love Lauren tattoo art, funny, cute and delicate and, moreover, perfectly finished.

So, if you want something special with nice colors, just contact Lauren for your next tattoo!

lauren charlotte nc tattoo shops froggy grapes
lauren charlotte tattoo kirbys dreamland arm tattoo

Nikki Thomson, owner of Nikki’s Tattoo Studio

Nikki is one of the classicals in Charlotte, because she started tattooing back in 1995 (yes, 30 years in not much time).

Just for this, Nikki deserves to be on this list but, moreover, she has wonderful tattoos, not only aesthetic ones, medicals too, and we do love that part 🙂

Speaking about regular tattoos, we do love her botanical ones and how she mixes colors to have a nice color palette.

nikki thomson charlotte nc tattoo butterfly color

Madison Thrailkill, working at Inkfamous Ink

Maybe you think it is a little weird to add a tattoo apprentice on this list about the best tattoo shops in Charlotte, but you know, we do think Madison is one of the best, even if she is just starting on this way.

We do love Madison insect tattoos like bees, moths and whatever, so we can say she is good at realism and illustration, and we can bet she is going to have a very nice career in the tattoo industry.

madison tattoo charlotte moth tattoo
haleigh cunningham charlote nc tattoo artist

Haleigh Cunningham, working at Seventh Sin Tattoo

You know, some artists have their own brand, like every piece of work they do can be recognizable by itself.

And this is what happens with Haleigh tattoos.

We don’t know why, but there is some je nais se pas at her works making her tattoo designs something unique.

And, because of this, we think she must be on this list!

haleigh cunningham portrait tattoo charlotte nc

Nadin, working at Charlotte Tattoo Company

Nadin is something different on this entire list, something darker and a little creepy, because yes, we do love this kind of tattoos, of course!

And, because of this, we do like Nadin skulls, demons, or even cute dragons.

We think you should go to her Instagram account to see all the things Nadin can do, and follow her right now, of course!

nadin charlotte nc tattoo shops demon girl

Sam Woodson, working at Haylo Studio Lounge

Sam is the second apprentice for this list and, as in the case Madison, she is doing amazing work in Haylo Studio Lounge and we think she is going to be one of the greatest tattoo artists in Charlotte in very little time.

We do love her illustration designs in color ink, especially some of them a little weird and creepy about animals and plants with something like acid.

So, if you want something different and eye-catching, just contact Sam to get inked by!

jenn small tinnel charlotte tattoo shop nc

Jen Small Tinnel, working at Archery Tattoo (private studio)

Another very nice surprise in Charlotte tattoo is Jenn Small, with designs with tons of personality and performing fantastic in almost every style.

We do love her way of ink animals, portraits and freak things, it is just fantastic.

Moreover, she can do black and gray and color with mastery.

So, you must follow her right now.

jenn small tinnel tattoo shop charlotte nc ghost
jenn small tinnel tattoo shop charlotte nc pasta tattoo

Stacy Smith, owner of Tattoo Me Charlotte

As you will see right now, Stacy Smith’s artwork is just another thing, completely.

She is just a master in watercolor tattoo and, moreover, she can do ornamental, portraits or realism in the same way.

So, we just love her tattoos, and every word we can say about her art is not at the level of her work.

Just sit down and see a couple of examples.

stacy smith charlotte tattoo shops deer watercolor
stacy smith charlotte tattoo shops rose realistic tattoo

Tehnaya, working at Green Light Tattoos

And, last but not least, we want to introduce you to Tenhaya, another fantastic woman tattoo artist working in Charlotte, this time, at Green Light Tattoos.

We can say Tehnaya has her own personal brand for tattooing, because her designs are just unique and very eye-catching.

As you can see, she performs with mastery in black and gray tattoo in illustration style.

We do love her botanical and animal tattoos, but every single design inked by her is just artwork.

tehnaya charlotte tattoo shops nc rose snake tattoo

We hope you enjoyed this guide about Charlotte tattoo shops and inspire you to get your next tattoo!

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