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Brush Stroke Tattoo

One of our most beloved tattoo styles is brush stroke tattoo.

We know it is not the most popular and it is not for everyone, but for us it is more emotional than anything else.

In this article, we want to show you more about:

So, let’s go!

Table of Contents

What Is Brush Stroke Tattoo Style?

The Brush Stroke tattoo style is really simple to explain, because we say the name just tell you all the information:

It is not a very popular style, but it is really hard to do and the final result can be astonishing!

Some Brush Stroke Tattoo Characteristics:

Well, Brush Stroke tattoo is not a very ordered tattoo style, because we can say it is a sub-style inside abstract tattoo, but we can say a few “rules”:

Maybe one of the most important rules for Brush Stroke Tattoo style is about aesthetics.

All these tattoos have a strong aesthetic feeling, usually with bold designs.

The second one, almost all Brush Stroke Tattoos are abstract and they try to be minimalistic, and this simplicity is really a challenge.

In the beginning, Brush Stroke Tattoos usually were only in black ink, but lastly there are designs with some color, or even colorful, so it depends on you.

Brush Stroke is about aesthetics, so it is important to place the tattoo in the way to improve the design with the body shape.

It is not the same a tattoo in the arm or in the back, you know.

The Beginnings of Brush Stroke Tattoo

As usual, we cannot say exactly where or how Brush Stroke Tattoos begins, moreover, being a kind of art put on the skin, you know.

But we can say it is one of the latest tattoo styles to appear.

This is because you need a very precise machine to tattoo pretending brush strokes and, moreover, the tattoo artist has to be just a master of that.

One figure stands in all the lists about Brush Stroke Tattoo, and the name is Lee Stewart.

Lee Stewart is an Estonian woman tattoo artist, she has worked in a lot of countries, from Australia to London, and now she is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

And here you can see a little bit of her artwork:


And now, some Brush Stroke Tattoos for you!

Let’s go for some brush stroke tattoo designs!


Brush Stroke Tree Tattoo

As we said just up these lines, brush stroke tattoos are usually abstract, but this one is just in the middle between abstract and some realism, isn’t it?

The main lines of this beautiful tree are strictly brush stroke tattoos, but the flowers are in a traditional realistic way, and we think the composition is fantastic.

This tattoo is done by Karen, from NG’s Tattoo Lab, in Markham, near Toronto (Canada, of course), and we think you should follow her right now.


Arm and Shoulder Brush Stroke Tattoo

This is a very nice example about how a brush stroke tattoo is perfectly done, no doubt about it!

As you can see, it is an abstract composition using the shape of the arm, shoulder and back to enhance the whole.

And we do love it.

This tattoo is done by Noir, a wonderful tattoo artist based at TheMantra tattoo studio. in Hong Kong.


Brush Stroke with Dotwork Tattoo

If you want something a little bit more difficult, you can always mix up brush strokes with dotwork, so you can have something like this.

Yes, to pretend to be painted, but with dotwork style. Hard enough, isn’t it?

We do like the contrast between the black dots and the red line, making something bold and unique.

This excellent work is done by Wabab Abstract Tattoo Angoulême, in France.


“Classical” Brush Stroke Arm Tattoo

Well, let’s move on again into something more classical, or so.

As you can see, here is another abstract tattoo design, this time for a complete arm, pretending to be brush strokes with different thickness and even tones, and the paint effect is really a thing.

This tattoo is done by Ryu, a fantastic tattoo artist working at Blah Blah Blah Tattoo, in Melbourne, Australia.


Drop of Ink Leg Tattoo

Yes, this is something unique, and you know it the first time you see it, right?

The mix between the abstract with organic shape, the ink dropping down and the perfect circle is just amazing.

It is just art more than tattooing.

This artwork is done by Demi Liu, a fantastic tattoo artist focused on abstract tattooing (her color lines tattoos are amazing!) working at New Tattoo Studio, in Beijing.


Van Gogh Microrealism Tattoo

Well, pretending to be brush strokes in the skin, but not a simple brush stroke, no. Vincent Van Gogh ones!

This tremendous mix among brush strokes, microrealism and impressionism is just perfect.

This artwork is done by Mooji, a very professional and wonderful tattoo artist working at Double Gray Studio, in Seoul, South Korea.


Blue Brush Stroke Tattoo

Moving on into something simpler but totally effective and perfectly finished, like this more classical brush stroke tattoo.

A complete abstract work in blue ink with some dotwork and a lot of style.

Moreover, it is a cover tattoo, because before that it was a butterfly.

Nice one!

This masterpiece is done by Piece, working at Moon Blue Atelier, in Seoul, South Korea.


Dragon Brush Stroke Tattoo

One more mix. One more masterpiece.

This tattoo is about a dragon, made in Brush Stroke Tattoo style with a lot of dotwork and a tremendous organic pattern in black ink, with some flowers in rose and violet in microrealism style.

And it is just artwork!

This tattoo is done by E.nal, we can say a tattoo artist with a very personal brand, working at Vism Studio, in LA, one of the best tattoo shops in all the country.


Kitsune Brush Stroke Tattoo

This is Kitsune, a legendary fox in Asia with 7 tails and, as you may know, 7 is a magical number.

We do love this tattoo because it mixes delicate brush stroke tattoo with sketch, and the tattoo pretends to be moving, so it is just perfect.

This tattoo is done by Suryo Tattoo, working at Inkdive, in Busan, South Korea.


Abstract Spots in Brush Stroke Style

And here you can see just some big paint spots in the skin, mainly in black and blue tones, with a very harmonic and natural shape, just in the front part of the shoulder.

We think this is another very nice example because you can see a little more simple tattoo can be very bold and eye-catching with the perfect finish.

This tattoo is made by Manoo Stich, in Berlin, Germany.

We hope you have enjoyed this brush stroke tattoo list!

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